Nyx Butter Lipgloss in Marshmallow and Blueberry Tart Review

So I never really got around to trying any of Nyx’s old butter glosses, I would eye them but just not pick one up for whatever reason. But then they released these new shades and a muted lilac and periwinkle shade caught my attention. Of course I would be drawn to these colors ^^  I looked around at Ulta and Target but they were out of stock and it wasn’t until checking out my local CVS did I find both shades. So lets check out the colors.


IMG_3329 (2)

IMG_3283 (2)
Marshmallow on top and Blueberry Tart on bottom.

They come in the usual plastic lipgloss tube, and have a doe foot applicator. The formula itself is not too runny or too thick. but probably does need to be built up for the colors to look nice. The scent is a bit like cake or vanilla and not too overwhelming. I felt like Marshmallow was the more sheer of the two but Blueberry tart definately needed to be spread a certain way so it didn’t look patchy. Both colors left my lips very soft though. as for wear time , this like alot of other glosses needs to be touched up when you eat or drink. But I think thats the overall nature of glosses.  For more of an impact for Blueberry Tart I used Fenty’s Ya Dig ( matte periwinkle)underneath. I’ll show those pictures at the end so you can see how nice the colors match.

IMG_3292 (2)
I could not get the lighting right, but it looks a lot better from far away.
IMG_3302 (2)
I used this color for one of my bird’s of paradise looks too , I like how its very subtle and not overpowering.
IMG_3307 (2)
it looks patchier upclose so if you wanted more of an impact I would use a lip liner or matte lip. I kind of like the look though my bf said it reminded him of blueberry glaze on donuts lol.
IMG_3308 (2)
My blueberry glaze lip look.

And finally Blueberry Tart over Fenty’s Ya Dig:

IMG_3318 (2)
Ya Dig but shiny!

IMG_3328 (2)

Overall I really liked these even if Blueberry Tart was a bit patchy and Marshmallow more sheer. They’re my kind of shades and I like how they keep my lips soft and shiny. I think I will probably pick up a few more shades, my eye is on the peaches and cream color. But I think of the two Marshmallow is probably the on the go gloss where Blueberry Tart is more of a prep work style gloss.  Oh and before I forget I did mix both Marshmallow and Blueberry tart for a brighter lilac color.

IMG_3242 (2)
Marshmallow and Blueberry Tart mixed.

Well hope you guys are having a good week and let me know in the comments what you think of Butter Glosses, and which are your favorite colors . Has anyone tried Peaches and Cream?




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