Neon Jaguar look!

IMG_3273 (2)

So I decided I wanted to try an animal print style eye look . I’ve seen all the leopard eyes and wanted to try to make my spots a bit bolder and bigger . Plus I wanted to use the oranges , yellows and white shade from The Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise palette . So this is what I came up with , a Neon Jaguar look .

IMG_3270 (2)
I thought I would include both eyes up close since they spots are different.

IMG_3271 (2)

IMG_3264 (3)
It was so hard taking a full face picture without looking strange.


I started out with Nyx white shadow base , then with my pigment brush I patted on Tweet, doing my best to make it a bit more angled . Afterwards I patted on Cardinal , then Tocan Play , and Canary. With a clean brush I used Cocaktoo on my inner corner of my eye . And finally for the spots , I placed my liner brush into Fiesta. I tried to make the spots a bit irregular so they looked a bit more like a jaguars spots . Then with my Stila liquid liner in Intense Black , made some jaguar rosettes as well as some small black spots. Then lined my eyes , added some mascara , as well as cashew chew to my brow .  And finally done ! I have my Neon Jaguar 🐆  eyes! This was supposed to be with my Bird of Paradise review but I just got around to uploading the pics . The rest of the week i plan on trying out a few looks with Juvia’s Place The Douce palette so stay tuned for that as well.


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