My purple and lime look with the Zulu palette

One of my favorite colors combo have been purple and bright green. So Today I after looking online at some amazing purple and green looks I decided on trying it out using the Juvia’s Place Zulu palette.

IMG_2876 (2)
I really wish these shades had names.

I started out in kind of a hurry honestly , I wanted to grab some coffee and only slapped on the colors before leaving the house, I didn’t even line my eyes. But as soon as I came home I decided to kind of darken up the purple and add more of that nice lime color using some glitter glue. I really liked the result. I used Nyx white eyeshadow cream,  a fluffy brush at first for the purple , then added a dot for the center of my eye for the lime green.  After I came home with my coffee , I decided I needed the purple to be a bit darker so I used my pigment brush and started packing on the purple , afterwards I kind of blended the purple near my brow upwards. But this blended the color too much so I looked like I was manic. So Chocolate Bon Bon’s divinity to the rescue. I spread that over my brow bone to take it back to a white color. Then I added glitter glue and more lime to the center of my lids. Here’s the end results.

IMG_3120 (2)

I feel like it actually looked better from far away then the close up pics , I think the lighting makes my liner look more sheer.

IMG_3135 (3)
For my lipstick I used Too Faced Melted Chihuahua and Sephora Serenity, the tiny amount I still have. it made my lips a very cool neutral color.
IMG_3139 (3)
Excuse the bored expression.

So yeah sometimes even if you’re make up is done in a rush , you can always still fix it. Well maybe except with eyeliner incidents or having a too dark unblendable eyeshadow. That happened to me a few years ago , I had this awful loose dark blue eyeshadow, which I kind of hated , not necessarily the color but the horrible way it would fallout and make my cheeks dark blue. It was truly awful and I was so happy when I finally gave up trying to use it and threw it away.  Well have any of you guys had something horrible happen with your makeup while in a rush? Let me know in the comments section.




16 thoughts on “My purple and lime look with the Zulu palette

  1. Wow, that’s a bold look!
    The worst make-up faux-pas that happened to me was when I was doing my eye make-up. I did the right eye, then the phone rang, then I talked to my friend for a while until I realised I had to leave – and without looking in the mirror, I just left for work – with 1 eye done up and the other one all nude! Not one of my favourite memories!

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