My synthwave eyelook !

Hey everyone ! Thought I would share another quick look . I didn’t have time to get my better camera and lighting but my makeup was so bright that even my phone’s camera could pick up the colors. My inspiration was orginally a sunset from a picture I saw a few days ago . But it quickly changed to look more like a Gunship or Synthwave album cover .

My examples:


And finally my look today :

I used Nyx white eyeshadow base and used a fluffy brush and buffed in 8-Bit (Sugarpill Funsize palette) into my crease . Near the V of my eye I blended in Player One (also Sugarpill) afterwards I added some more white base to kind of cut the crease . Then I added Level One (bright coral from Sugarpill) on my lid and High Score ( the bright orange) on the rest of my lid . I didn’t really like the all matte look , So I added a bit of Too Faced glitter glue and Euphoric from the Too Faced Lifes a Festival palette. I also added some Divinity from Chocolate Bon Bons to soften the periwinkle color on my brow bone . After liner and mascara , I used Fenty Alpha Doll on my lips along with Revlon Sugared Violet gloss.

Excuse the blurriness
I may try this look again when my hair is fresh neon pink .

I was pretty happy with how the colors came out. Maybe I’ll order some more Sugarpill shadows since these ones really impressed me .




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