I tried out a tutorial ..

So I was on Instagram looking for inspiration and found this really neat tutorial on @jewel.kimberly . She has some amazing looks and tutorials , so I would definitely recommend checking out her instagram .





And finally my attempt . Excuse the lower quality picture but I did not have enough time to take a picture with my camera and instead used my phone’s camera . I think I need to work on my cut creases a little more and maybe blend the black color a little better . But it was a fun attempt. I’ll try again till I can get it perfect .  I started out with Nyx white eyeshadow base cream allover my eye area. The colors I used for the teal were The Zulu palette’s teal blended with Urban Decay’s Fringe, afterwards I used Too Faced’s Earl Grey to darken the crease . Then I used a brush to cut the crease with white base. I then packed on Young and Free ( a light pink from Life’s a Festival palette) then Savage( neon pink from Electric palette ) and the matte purple from the Zulu palette . I repeated with Young and Free , Savage and the purple on my lower lash line . Also I added Unicorn Tears to my inner corner to brighten up my look . Mascara and liner to make my eyes look a bit more awake and this is how it looks .

Couldn’t decide on a good lipstick so I mixed my own with Bite Chai and Sephora Serinity.

So I was happy with how bright the look was and that it used quite a bit of my shadows from  my Urban Decay Electric and Zulu palette . With accents from Life’s A Festival palette as well . I think one of my resolutions ( even though I don’t usually do them ) is to try and get better at Cut crease looks . I hope to post a bit more looks this year to show off any improvements.



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