Hexed Cafe au Lait look

Well I’ve been in the mood for some purple smokey looks , mainly to wear with my grey lipstick , Haze.  I’ve been trying different color combos, chocolate, grey and but my favorite to pair up is Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s Cafe’ au Lait. Its a nice shimmery pewter/grey color. Plus I’m trying to pan at least one color from my Urban Decay Electric palette,and the color I use the most is Urban, the nice true purple shade. Of course I wanted a bit more depth for the purple so I used Hex Remedy as well.  I’m pretty happy with how it came out, I used the Nyx Eyeshadow white base to really make the colors pop and help the Cafe’ au Lait stay on my lid a bit better. And to soften my grey lipstick out a bit I used Unicorn Tears as a topper, I think it just made it shinier though.

IMG_3063 (2)


IMG_3083 (2)
I was usinng the clips to keep my hair out of my eyes.

IMG_3068 (2)

Well I was happy with the the outcome, I think next time I will try using Jilted ( the Fusica from UD Electric) witha peach color, maybe the  nice shimmer from the Zulu palette. Well hope everyone is having a nice start of the week.


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