Fenty Beauty Lipstick mini Haul :Poutsicles Motorboat,Purpsicle and Mini Mattemoiselle Plush Matte in Thicc

IMG_3027 (2).JPG

Well for Christmas I decided to order some more Poutsicles from Fenty Beauty , and I recieved a cute mini Mattemoiselle lipstick as well . I’ve been a fan of of Fenty’s bullet lipsticks for a while and wanted to add a purple to replace my Maybelline Violet Vixen and the light blue to replace my Sephora Pantone lipstick. Since I liked the Poutsicle formula I thought these would be great for doing some fun lip art looks . So lets check out the swatches to see how they compare .

IMG_3025 (2).JPG
I love how the Poutsicle tubes look like candy.
IMG_3031 (2).JPG
Purpsicle on top and Motorboat on bottom.

So the formula for Poutsicles is a very almost balm style cream lipstick, with the skyblue Motorboat being very creamy, a bit streak if you’re not careful with application. Purpsicle is a bit more solid with application.  These do have Vanillin so theres a bit of marshmallow like smell to these lipsticks.They stay on for the most part ,  Motorboat having a bit more slip than Purplsicle or the darker blue from the line, Go Deep. But I don’t necessarily wear Motorboat by itself and usually use it for lipart or mixing colors. I do loove how bright this color is , its actually quite a bit better than one of my old light blue lipsticks, Serenity (which I recently panned). I think light blues are tricky to formualte in general so I’ll give this color a pass because of how I use it. Purpsicle has great staying power and is a nice vibrant pink hued purple. I initially got this color to replace my old Maybelline Violet Vixen. As far as texture, application and staying power I much prefer Purpsicle over Violet Vixen. And finally I will share how they look on the lips.

IMG_3039 (2).JPG
Its so bright!perhaps this would’ve been better when my hair was Aqua.
IMG_3041 (2)
Purpsicle is amazing by itself too.

And finally I want to show off some lipart style looks , I believe these are where Motorboat truly shines.

IMG_3045 (2).JPG
My ombre look
IMG_3049 (2)
Vaporwave lips
IMG_3021 (2).JPG
My Candy look I used Fenty  Motorboat for the blue, Purpsicle  in the middle, and Fenty Alpha Doll mixed with Too Faced Double Bubble for the pink.

IMG_3019 (2)

And now the mini review of the Mini Mattemoiselle lipstick in Thicc. This color came free with code. Although I do belive you can still buy a mini two pack with Thicc and the red color.

IMG_3029 (2).JPG
Its so tiny and adorable

IMG_3032 (2)

So lets start off with the texture, this color is a bit dryer than my other mattemoiselle in Ya Dig, I’m not really sure if thats because this is a mini or if this mauvey rose color is just dryer in nature. But the overall color I was pleased with, it wasn’t as red as I was worried about but more of a gingerbread/mauve on my lips and skin. Honestly I think this lipstick looks diffrent compared to the pictures I’ve seen online. Maybe its due to everyone’s skin tone, so this color may look entirely different on someone with darker or lighter skin than me. It seems to stay in place whilke eating and drinking , but its kind of dry So next time I will definately be wearing balm underneath next time. Also I noticed smell simalar to grahm crackers , but I wasn’t sure if it was just me. maybe Thicc is scented.

IMG_3058 (2).JPG

IMG_3052 (2)
I swear close up it looks so different than far away.

Well I’m happy with my Fenty Haul, The Poutsicles are currently on sale and really like playing around with the colors. I still have some more random lip glosses on the way to review, and I was seriosuly thinking of ordering the Violets and maybe even the Chocolates palettes from Juvia’s Place. They’re both currently sold out so I’m waiting for them to restock.  Well Hope you all are having a good weekend, Thanks for reading.



12 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Lipstick mini Haul :Poutsicles Motorboat,Purpsicle and Mini Mattemoiselle Plush Matte in Thicc

    1. They are really nicely formulated for the type of colors they are . Usually you find these colors more in a matte finish , but its nice to have vibrant blues and purples that are more like a traditional lipstick that don’t slip around . Thanks ☺️ I really like playing around with my lipstick some days .


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