A Shrinkle inspired look

IMG_2954 (3).JPG
With Flash!

So a few days ago I hot an email from Sugarpill notifying me about one of thier sales for thier curated palettes . These palettes have six colors each and I couldn’t help but love Sugarpill founder, Shrinkle’s eye looks . Its very simple but bright and cute . So I wanted to see if I could go ahead and try doing a similar look with colors I already have. Some of which were Sugarpill colors too but the pastel shades from the Fun Size palette.

Here’s a pic of the inspiration .

Picture of Shrinkle from Sugarpill Cosmetics  email



And finally my attempt:

IMG_2955 (3)

I used a mix of palettes mostly, Sugarpill Funsize though. I started off with Nyx white eyeshadow base, and then buffed in Divinity from Chocolate Bon Bons on my brow and little on my lower lid. I wanted to make Gonzo from the Urban Decay Electric palette look a bit more pastel as its a very strong bright blue. Afterwards I used the same fluffy brush and blended in Cheat Code to add a more green tone to the blue, this made it a bit more bright. for the middle purple color I used both 8-Bit( the periwinkle shade from Funsize) and Player One (the lilac shade) . Then from the Too Faced Life’s A Festival palette I added both the bright pink color, Young and Free , and Unicorn Tears to the inner corners of my eye. I repeated the colors on my lower lid too, although some color kind of just landed on the lower lid do to using a fluffy brush.  Honestly I think my eyelook looks totally different now than the inspiration pic. Shrinkle’s Blue was a bit more intense on the lower lids and it looks like she may have used a white shadow on the inner corners. But I still had fun with this eyelook.  I finished off with Damn Girl mascara , liner and I mixed Fenty Poutsicles in Alpha Doll with Wet n Wild Retro Pink for a bright lip.

IMG_2959 (3).JPG
The complete look, I probably should’ve finished with blush but was worried about being too over the top with pink considering my hair.

Well I may try this look again but maybe keep my blue darker. Not really sure though.   Hope you guys are having a good week ! I’ve got to dig out my Egyptian heiroglyph rolling pin so I can make some cool heiroglyph gingerbread cookies this weekend. Maybe I’ll post pics of those if they come out looking nice.





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