Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner : Intense Black and Midnight Review

IMG_2602 (2)

So I’ve been on a bit of a Stila kick lately . I ordered two liners , a black and a nice navy midnight blue . I’ve been testing them out with my shadows and by themselved this week and I’ve been quite impressed with the staying power and application .


IMG_2607 (3)
Midnight on top and Intense Black on bottom.

So lets talk about Intense Black first , this is your standard black liner , it may not be the darkest say Urban Decay’s Perversion or even Nyx’s epic liner , but I like the softer black look with the really sharp felt tip . It looks great with smokey or bright looks and it stays put all day .  Now for actual application , you can shake the eyeliner and apply with the felt point sideways . I feel like this is a better way to get the nice sharp lines without it smudging or making wierd makes on my face. Kind of like how the ancient Egyptians applied thier liners with special carved kohl sticks . Honestly I kind of want an Ancient Egyptain kohl set. But yeah similar to the lady below .

Accurate depiction of how to apply Stila eyeliners
IMG_2609 (2).JPG
Intense Black
IMG_2693 (2)
On a side note I noticed intense Black looked best with matte eyeshadows. With metallic or shimmer shades I had to build up with my liner.

On to my favorite of the two liners , Midnight . This color is so pretty and depending on what eyeshadows you have as a base it can look a bit more blue or blue black . It has the same staying power of the black , But I honesttly felt It was bit more a one swipe and go liner.

IMG_2610 (2)
IMG_2718 (2).JPG
This blue looks great with a neutral eye look.
IMG_2723 (2).JPG
You can see the difference between the two. I still slightly favor Midnight though since it is such a nice navy blue and pigmented.

Overall I’m happy with both liners and would be willing to try out a few of the other colors from Stila. The black is nice but probably not the darkest shade of black that I’ve tried. So I would probably buy another brand’s black . I know some people like a softer black though and I would definately recommend due to the staying power and how nice the liner is. The Midnight blue I know I would for sure buy again, its very pretty and super pigmented .


5 thoughts on “Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner : Intense Black and Midnight Review

  1. I didn’t even know Stila has eyeliners! The navy blue one is definitely my favorite one too, I have a thing for navy blue lately so this’ll fit my vibe perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

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