Eos 100% Natural Organic:Tropical Mango Lip Balm review


Another lip balm review !This time with EOS Tropical Mango lipbalm . I was in Target earlier and I was actually looking for one of the new holidays flavors,Marshmallow or Pumpkin Spice to be exact. Sadly they only had a peppermint blend that I wasn’t too interested in. But I did find a Tropical Mango in the Organics line. So I thought I would try it to the difference between this mango and the Mango from the orginal line. And also to see if it was similar to a regional EOS that I tried in Mexico which was the heavenly Mango Mandarin flavor . That had to have been my favorite lip balm, even though it was a mini. sadly you can only find Mango Mandarina in Mexico at Chedraui stores and Neuvo Mundo department stores . I think next time I go for a visit I’ll pick up a few .

Tropical Mango on the right and Mango Mandarina on the left .
Thought I would show them side by side just in case anyone wants to pick up Mango Mandarina while visiting Mexico.
Tropical Mango has a nice bright green ring around the base.

So the scent is amazing . I would say its quite an improvement from the original EOS mango balm. It was more artificial scented mango where this is more a fruit market or just cut open mango scent . The texture is smooth but a bit waxy like the coconut milk balm I tried a few months ago .  It feel comfortable but not greasy . And I can layer a lipstick over without it making the lipstick slip too much . It does have a slightly sweet taste but nothing too much . Overall I do like the quality and scent of  Tropical Mango . I may try some more in the organics line for future reviews . The other flavors that I’ve seen in person were a doible pack with lime and watermelon . So that is definitely on my list to try . Overall I would recommend if you really mango to try this balm out .

What are some of .your favorite Balm flavors ? let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.



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