Obligatory Halloween post : Unicorn Look

So its Spooktober and I’ve been so lazy with posting, but today I wanted to celebrate with a makeup look. I decided on unicorn since I am the Olive Unicorn , plus I’m trying out the Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadow.  I was going to add this for the review of Stila Into the Blue,but I used so many other products for the look, I may as well have a seperate review . This was pretty fun to do and fairly simple .

Here are my list of products used:

white concealer for the eyes

Sugarpill fun size palette in colors Rage Quit,Player One, 8-Bit, and Cheat Code

Too Faced Lifes a Festival in Unicorn Tears, Mystic Rain as well as the Unicorn Tears lipstick

Maybelline Stay matte ink in Philospher

Stila Glitter and Glow liquid Eyeshadow Into the Blue

Urban decay Elements palette in Heavy Water

Nyx Epic Eyeliner

Too Faced Damn Girl! mascara

and neutragena powder foundation in Nude 40

Heart was made witha sponge and Wet n Wild Retro Pink lipstick


So I started out with Rage Quit( the bright fusica color) and used a pigment brush to draw around my eye, I went back over and blended in Player One (lavender) into Rage Quit, I also added 8-bit(periwinkle blue) and Player one into the main part of my lid. later I painted over both colors with Stila Into the Blue, let it set than blended in Mystic Rain into the corner of my eye. Afterwards I took my fluffy brush and blended in Cheat code into my brow bone, later going back over with Unicorn Tears powder. I liked the look but it still needed something else so I grabbed Urban Decay Element’s Heavy Water and wet an eyeliner brush, and outlining Into the Blue . I put some Heavy Water on my lower lid as well but it didn’t stay to well.Then I finished up my eyes with Nyx Epic liner and Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara. Still not quite done I decided to add a little pink heart  near my eye and cheek, I used the sponge on one of my covergirl liners and dipped it into Wet n Wild Retro Pink. and the powdered my face last since of the shadows had some glitter fall out.  And finally added my Unicorn Headphones.

IMG_2644 (2).JPG
These headphones were pretty warm actually
IMG_2657 (2)
Into the Blue is my new favorite shadow
Later that night I swapped over to warm Unicorn Beanie

Well Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I went out earlier tonight to visit the neighbors block party, ate some candy since I still have quite a sweet tooth .I think next year I will go out and  actually get a full outfit since dressing up is always pretty fun.  But for now I’m just going to chill out , eat some candy, catch up with Castle Rock season 2( its the best horror show , for fans of Misery and Salem’s Lot). I plan on doing the full review for Into the Blue , its a pleasant surprise , a liquid eyeshadow that doesn’t irritate my eyes and it has nice staying power.  Happy Halloween Everyone!




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