Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow :Into the Blue review

IMG_2616 (2).JPG

So its been a while since I’ve used a liquid eyeshadow , with the last being a few drugstore and Too Faced’s liquid glitters (those kind of irritated my eyes though). After hearing great stuff about Stila liquid shadows and seeing beautiful looks online , I decided to try out the Stila Glitter and Glow :Into the Blue. Now I meant to have this review up yesterday since I used it for my Halloween look ,but I decided to try it in a more simple look to really show off the shimmer and color. I will have a pic of the Halloween Unicorn look too though.

IMG_2618 (2).JPG

Now I love duochrome shadows , I probably use them more than any other colors on my lids . And a blue to purple shifting duochrome is one I don’t have . This looks perfect for creating mermaid/unicorn/galaxy looks . So lets check out this beautiful duochrome.

IMG_2619 (2).JPG
Its beautiful in the bottle
IMG_2621 (2).JPG
the brush is pretty fluffy
IMG_2622 (2)
Its pretty shimmery but hard to capture the lilac shimmer.

The eyeshadow itself is very sparkly, a bit watery, but beautiful . i swatched this on my arm and it was very shimmery, but I think it does need to go over an eyeshadow base to really stick on.

IMG_2630 (2)
my Halloween unicorn look using colors from almost every palette.

Now the unicorn look was the first time I tried this out but I wanted to also try out a different look to see how nice it looks paired with other colors. I can say the glitter stayed on all night and I didn’t have too much glitter fallout.

IMG_2670 (2)
I think it looked best with a purple shadow . colors used were Urban, and Chaos from the Urban Decay Electric palette.
IMG_2672 (2).JPG
I really wish my camera could pick up the  purple shift but its still a very pretty color.
IMG_2673 (2)
I think I will wear this dark purple more often, its like a galaxy look.

As much as I liked the Unicorn look I think I liked the darker purple look better. I acheived this look with a fluffy brush and the colors from the UD Electric palette in Urban(the purple) and Chaos (the colbolt blue) colors on my crease and brow bone. I spread Stila Into the Blue on my lid and then took Chaos again and dabbed into the outer corner of my eye to have a better transition. And because I spaced out  and forgot I finished up my browbone with Divinity from Chocolate Bon Bons. Overall I really like this liquid eyeshadow and will probably play around with other colors. Maybe next time I’ll try using a dark teal for a true mermaid look. And now that I know the formula doesn’t irritate my eyes I can try out some of the other Stila liquid eyeshadows.




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