Empties and one mini pan!

I thought would go ahead and post my empties , I haven’t really done one of these but it is nice to see which products I loved to death! And surprisingly I sort of hit pan on one of my palettes ! Wowee ! Some of these I’ve had for a while , while other like the Kaja lip balm I panned within a few months.

Sephora Pantone Universe Serenity lipstick( it was a periwinkle shade, Urban Decay Asphyxia, and Kaja Moodbalm in Twilight

I’ll miss the Serenity lipstick the most, on its own it was too pale but it looked great mixed in with other lipsticks. I could make really nice Greige and ombre lips with this color. I need to find another dupe. I’ll probably rebuy Aspyxia sometime , I did like to wear it other colors and on its own.


IMG_2497 (2).JPG

IMG_2498 (2).JPG

And I finally  finished up the sample of Glace’ from Bite Beauty last year. I really like this color for a nude lip and would sometimes mix with my pink shades to get a custom color. This was from the Bite Beauty gift from Sephora. it came bundled with a Chai mini lipstick ( which I liked the formula just not the color) and lip scrub.


I know this day would come sometime, and I even bought a back up . but finally super panned Unicorn Tears. This maybe one of the most used lipsticks in my collection honestly. Well at least I have a second one.


and finally I made a tiny pan in Cashew Chew from my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette. What’s crazy is I had recieved this last year for Christmas and have already made this much of a dent on it. Almond Truffle looks like it may be next.

Well theres my empties and pans. I don’t usually pan eye shadows too often . I think the only other palettes that I may have used that much is probably UD Electric(still no severe pans) and Too Faced Life’s Festival on the Mystic Rain shadow.  And I’ll add some old pics of the some of the lipsticks and how I wore them . Some of these pics are snapchat filters but the lipstick colors look accurate .

Urban Decay Aspyxia
Pantone Serenity mixed with Bite Beauty Chai 
Pantone Serenity lipstick mixed with Bite Beuatt Chai and Unicorn Tears 

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