Chaotic Unicorn Life eye look

So I’ve got a few posts backlogged and I really wanted to share some more eye looks. This one was achieved by pretty much using all my palettes . Or at least almost all of them. Also this was done right before I bleached my roots .So about three days ago.

IMG_2394 (2)
It looked brighter in person.

I used Urban Decay’s Element’s palette. First I started with  Antidote (nude peach color) on my brow, then I used a fluffy brush to blend in Firestarter(a brick red color) with the same fluffy brush I went over Firestarter , with Chaos ( the Colbolt blue from UD Electric palette) . I blended in Lioness in the my outer corner and then on the middle of my eye I used Too Faced Glitter glue. Then using a stiff brush placed Rainbow Life ( the coral color from Too Faced Life’s A Festival) and Unicorn Tears into my inner corner. I finished up with Nyx epic Liner and Revlon Mascara.

 I was so not happy with the full face pic so here’s just my eyes . I think the eyeshadow looks better from far away.



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