Too Faced Le Creme lipstick in Double Bubble

IMG_2493 (2).JPG

So I thought I would finally do kind of a negative review. This is a shade I bought late last year . This was before I started blogging , and I ran out of my favorite Wet N Wild bubble gum pink shade . I guess they discontinued it . So sad since I really liked using it for lip art and ombré lips. I had seen this online and ordered this when I needed a new Unicorn Tears lipstick . And well on to the review.

IMG_2492 (2).JPG

IMG_2477 (2).JPG
I think I may have gotten a purple on this somehow , probably from my lipstick brush.

IMG_2479 (2).JPG

So the color in the tube is really pretty and a bright bubble gum shade . As you can see it swatches very well . Its creamy and solid with a slight bubblegum or candy smell.

But here it is on lips and its a streaky mess. Oh why Too Faced ? Why couldn’t this be thicker like the Fenty Poutsicles ?

IMG_2483 (2).JPG
Why does this have to be so streaky and show lines😫
IMG_2485 (2).JPG
Excuse my wierd blondie look , I’m still working on my hair . Its a work in progress 😅

So yeah , I keep this around for mixing and I may get a liner for it one day . But yeah I wish this looked better by itself . I think once this runs out , I’ll look for another formula , maybe a matte next time .

Also currently working on my Wella products review . As you can see my hair is a bit strange, I tried to keep the bleach off my pink but it all rinsed off in the shower😭. And the back is still a bit amber blonde , so in two week I’ll have touch up .  Its too be expected since I waited too long to touch up my roots . That of course will be in my review.


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