When your lipstick finally expires

So this isn’t really a review per say but I do sometimes see people ask how can you tell when your lipstick has gone bad .

RIP Violet Vixen 


Well yesterday I found out , my poor Maybelline Color Sensational Violet Vixen tube finally died . I was getting ready to go to the grocery store when I grabbed Violet Vixen to brighten up my face . I’ve getting over being sick , but I’ve been looking kind of pale so I wanted something to bring color back . Applied it and was like uh oh, this feels gross . My fiancé walked in and was like that looks like cake frosting . So yeah overly thick not sticking to my lips all wierd. I wiped it off , but my lips were still stained . I was a bit bummed honestly .  I really liked this shade , maybe not always the application since it could be kind of streaky , but I think that has been a problem I’ve had with other Maybelline bold matte colors . Plus it was one of the main lipsticks I used to blend for ombre lips .

Back when I had blue and purple hair 

I’m not really entirely sure if I will rebuy this color or I’ll find a better made dupe in another brand . But I thought I would share my thoughts on this color and how well I liked it . Well now this just gives me the excuse to buy more lipstick ☺️


17 thoughts on “When your lipstick finally expires

  1. What a gorgeous color it was! I currently have a sample size lipstick in my project pan that I am trying to work through quickly. It is starting to smell a little off. The application is still perfect, so I am going to see if I can work through it before it becomes completely unusable.

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      1. It’s just a plain nude pink color. Nothing special, but goes with everything I might wear at work. So, it’s useful, which I like.

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  2. I can always tell my lipsticks are going bad because I think they get a different smell. They almost start to smell like crayons or something. Sorry one of your faves gave out. I hope you get a new fun shade to share!

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    1. Usually I can smell it too but my sense of smell I think was affected by the cold lol So I can’t smell stuff very well lol but yeah hopefully I’ll find a fun replacement .


    1. I think for almost two years . Maybe a year and a half . I think I could pick up the same brand but I kind of want to see if I can find a higher quality dupe though since the lipstick could be kind of streaky .

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