SugarPill Funsized palette review

A80A92EF-A248-432A-8D85-3646BF2D5103Hey everyone , finally got around to playing with the new Sugarpill  Funsize palette . This is my first time trying out Sugarpill cosmetics .I originally followed Sugarpill on Instagram , years ago . I loved the colors they would release, but was hesitant to order since building your own palette can be a bit spendy . So when I saw this cute little travel palette , I knew I wanted to try it out .  So onward to the review!

The box is also super cute 💕

First lets talk about how cute this packaging is . Its an adorable , game themed palette with a nice pixel art kitty on the front . The sides say Level Up Your Makeup while the side on the actual palette say Portable Entertainment System . Like its a little gaming console ,its very cute .  The actual palette is pretty compact and sturdy with a nice magnetic closure , and cute heart shaped mirror . The colors are arranged By color family , so the lavender , perwinkle , and seafoam or Aqua color on row , the pink , magenta and last row is the oranges and yellow.

The cat is so cute , reminds me of the games Stardew Valley or Terraria
The iPhone actually captured the colors beautifully. Also gotta love the gamer theme .

IMG_2243 (2).JPG

IMG_2245 (2).JPG

IMG_2244 (2).JPG

IMG_2246 (2).JPG

So now on to the colors . These are what I would consider bright pastels , or a soft rainbow colors . They swatch on the arm a bit light but they really look nice over a white concealer or good primer . For actual application I used my Urban Decay brush and one of flat eyeshadow brushes . I noticed that it was easier to pat on the colors rather than drag to really make them stand out . Although you can blend colors together , like how I did the lavender and periwinkle shades , or the red orange color and megenta . I find the bright green and periwinkle need some build up and to be patted on first to really get the color to pop . The orange and pink based shades are a little easier to swipe on or apply with a fluffy brush . I do like that shadows are very soft but don’t have too much kick off . And depending on what look you are going for can be bright with an almost water color like look . There are 9 colors total :


IMG_2258 (2).JPG
I’ll be honest these didn’t swatch the greatest. thank goodness they show up better on the eyes. from top to bottom;Player One,8-Bit,Cheat Code,Twitch,Level Up, Rage Quit, Continue?,High Score, and Game Over.

Cheat Code is this nice Seafoam or Aqua color . I really like this shade and it really stands out with a white concealer .

8-Bit is the periwinkle shade . It takes some building up but its a very nice shade I love this paired up  with Cheat Code , Twitch or Player One.

Player One , probably one of my favorite colors in the palette . This is very nice pink based lilac color , it does take a bit of building but the color is beautiful. I made a more intense colro by blending in 8-Bit to make a darker purple.

Twitch is a nice pastel lime color , I really adore this color so much . Its like UD Electric’s Freak’s nicer pastel cousin . Beautiful color.

Level Up is a coral pink that that looks great in the crease and blended out . I usually wear this color with the oranges and yellows from this palette.

Rage Quit is the vibrant magenta color which I really enjoyed wearing it with the blue and purple shades . Also beware this shade can sort of stain . I had this on my arm and it didn’t come off till I used some coconut oil. Its my prefered makeup remover of choice.

Continue? Looks more like a mustard yellow in the pan but on the lid looks a bit more like green based yellow . Very cool color. I’m still working on ways to put this into my eye looks . Its my first time having a shade like this in matte form.

High Score is the bright pastel orange that reminds me of orange juice . I like using this color on my lid with Continue? in the inner corner.

Game Over is the red based orange or maybe its an orange based red . This is probably one of the most intense shades in the palette and one I didn’t know how to incorporate at first . But later I found that it makes a great shade to put into the crease or V of my eye . Like Rage Quit it may stain so a good eye makeup remover is important.

Now on to the looks.

Colors used are Player One , 8-Bit , Rage Quit and Cheat Code
I was going for a bold look . Excuse the messy hair .

This look was pretty fun , I mixed both Player One and 8-Bit , used a flat brush draw on Rage Quit around parts of my eyes and Cheat Code just pops with all the colors .

Next look I used Player One in the corner of my eyes , 8-Bit in the middle and then I pressed in Cheat Code and Twitch on the outer parts of my eyes . I repeated this on the bottom of my eyes as well and finished with a liquid liner .

IMG_2263 (2).JPG

IMG_2303 (2).JPG
My hair was slightly faded.

This next look I wanted to make Twitch the main focus , so applied Player One around the edges of my eye with a fluffy brush, used a rounder brush to apply 8-bit in my crease, and then Twitch in the middle of my eye , and finally Continue? the sort of yellowy color in the corner of my eye blending it in with Twitch.

IMG_2315 (2).JPG
Its so hard for my camera to pick up the bright green. Also excuse the pollen look on my lashes.
IMG_2322 (2)
I feel like this eyelook looks better from far away. Also check out the new Mr.Kitty shirt. its my first new concert shirt of the year!

And Finally I’ll show off my concert look for the Mr. Kitty show! because his music is more electonica/Synthpop based I wanted to go bright and vibrant! I used all the warm toned colors starting off with Level Up . I applied this color with a fluffy brush and blended out , next I used Game Over in my v area . I used a stiffer brush to apply this , then I used the Ubran Decay pressed pigment brush to apply High Score . I pressed nthis on rather then swiping ,and finished up with Continue in the corner of my eye.IMG_2349 (2)

IMG_2359 (2).JPG
Really like how sunny the Continue? is. Plus Level Up is so nice for sunset eyes.

This palette does kind of remind me of pictures of the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette that was out a few years ago . When I looked online for pastel looks, Pastel Goth popped up quite a bit. So I think this palette would be great if you may have missed out and wanted a solid pastel matte look.  When I did swatches some shades did take some work to build like Twitch, Player One and 8 Bit . But when I used these Colors on my eyes they came out bright on concealer and primer . So a primer or concealer is a must for this palette . Overall I am quite pleased with this pastel palette since matte pastels can be kind of finicky. I loved the texture and I really liked the size of the palette , I can just toss it in my makeup bag for on the go rainbows .I do think I will be trying out some more products from Sugarpill, the singles look pretty bright and in your face. I’m not sure if I will go the big palette route since I hear shadows are pretty big and take forever to go through but I think they would fit in nicely with my collection.




18 thoughts on “SugarPill Funsized palette review

    1. Thanks 😊I really like the palette alot . They’re great pastel/brights . Which that seems like a contradiction but thats the best I can describe the colors . It sells out quite a bit on Sugarpill’s site.


      1. The new one from Jeffree . I saw some pics , it looks beautiful 💕 I’ve never tried any of his shadows just the lip products . May have to get that or Jaw Breaker.


      2. Girl his palettes are bomb diggity that’s for sure. I have blood Sugar, blue blood, Jawbreaker, mini breaker, thirsty, controversy and one more O can’t remember…so I have a nice js palette collection…blood lust will round out my blood collection

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