Totally Outrageous 80’s eye look with Sugarpill Funsized Palette


Finally got around to trying out a look with the new Sugarpill Funsized palette . And I really like how nice these shades apply . This is definitely more of pastel rainbow palette, yet still somehow pretty bright . I decided I would do a  bold Jem and the Holograms style eye look today .

My inspiration. The dolls are actually more colorful but I could’t find a good picture of the actual doll.

The colors I used were Player One(the pastel lilac) and blended in 8-bit (the periwinke color to make more of a violet color frame my eyes . Also I used a flat brush to kind stroke the colors on , so I could make it a bit more angular . Afterwards I used a fluffy brush to press in Rage Quit ( the bright pink) around the violet. With a smaller brush apply Rage Quit around the inner corner of my eye . Then for the middle of my lid I used Cheat Code( the seafoam aqua color ) with my UD brush . For this color I just patted it on with my brush to get the nice bright aqua. And for the bottom of my eyes I used a small liner brush to press in Cheat Code , 8-bit, Player One and Rage Quit.

It really is Finsized




I’ve had a bit of a strange week my dog hurt his leg so he had to have a few stitches . I’ve had to watch him like a hawk  so he doesn’t pull them out and he’s had to wear the cone of shame . So after his leg is healed up , I’ll post a more in depth review . Plus I need to play around with a few of the other colors in the palette . So far I really like the colors and the formula.



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