Sugar Pill sneak peak

That kitty looks like Alvina from Dark Souls !

So I spotted this online last week and had to have it. The pixel art kitty is adorable and reminds me a bit of the scary cat from Darksouls .

Alvina is that you on the Sugarpill cover ?

Okay maybe the TurkeyDumpster cat is little cuter 💕 All joking aside this  is an adorable travel sized rainbow palette that looks like it runs on the pastel side . Almost like a smaller version of the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette. I want to play around with the colors before I do a full review along with some swatches . A few of the colors look like the need a white concealer as a base to really stand out . As of now I think the colors I’m most excited to play with are Twitch( the bright green),8-Bit, Player One and Continue? Like Continue? Seems like a pretty unique color for me . I don’t have anything like it in my current collection and really want to experiment around with it . I did press on High Score ( bright orange) ,Level Up (bright Pink) and Rage Quit (bright fuscia color) on my eye. It was fairly bright  with no primer . So I’m curious as to how they will look with primer . I’ll post my results soon.


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