I tried to do ombre lips

So today I decided to play around with some lip colors . Since I had to review the smudgy Covergirl eyeliner , I kind of have emo/Team Skull girl look going on .

Image Courtesy of Bulbapedia and Pokemon https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rapp

For my lips I started out with Maybelline’s Violet Vixen on top , then applied Too Faced’s Double Bubble over that . On the bottom of my lips I used Fenty’s Ya Dig , then applied Nyx’s Candy Slick gloss in Extra Mint’s on top of Ya Dig . I used a lip brush to try and blend the colors in the center of my mouth .


I still think I need to work more on blending . When I used to do a similar look my go to for blue was actually Sephora’s Pantone color in Serenity. It was great for lip art and blending . I may need to find a dupe for it so I can get a better blend .

Also sadly after posting this I dropped my Nyx Candy Slick gloss and my lid is permanently broke 😦 I tried to tape it together , so hopefully my gloss doesn’t dry out . I may have to do some blue lip looks to really enjoy my poor gloss before its dries up .





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