Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil Review

IMG_2089 (2)

So I bought a few things on Amazon , and among them were these Perfect Point eye pencils by Covergirl .They were on sale and came in a pack of two . I didn’t really think they would be too good for lining the top of my eyes but might be really good for under eye area and waterline.

IMG_2091 (2)

So this is like mechanical pen style liner. You twist the top a little for the crayon style liner to come out , I try to be careful because if I twist too much it can make the liner break . The other side is a little smudger sponge , I did use this for the review to make my eyes a bit smudgier . Honestly they may be a bit too smudgy lol .Overall the liner does kind of migrate on bare skin so I would recommend only using on eyeshadow or powder to really make it stay . I used Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette on my eyes for a more neutral look to make the liner really stand out .

IMG_2093 (2)
The tip reminds me of kohl almost .If you twist too much it breaks off.

IMG_2095 (2)




I honestly think this liner works better for the waterline .  It would be too smudgy if you put it over a more complicated shadow look .  So I will stick with only using this for waterlines or those days I want really dark smudgy eyes ,almost like a kajal look .  Also in summer heat or humidity this liner may smear a bit , so I would definitely say only use this if you are staying inside or during the cooler months . For a pencil eyeliner I believe there are better things on the market that will definitely stay in place better .


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