Euphoric Lioness Eyelook

So these are two of my favorite eyeshadows to wear together , Euphoric and Lioness . I love how they compliment each other. With Lioness being this great moody kind of plum brown shade with a bit of  sparkle, and Euphoric is this light peachy color with light orange shimmer.

IMG_1859 (2).JPG

IMG_1851 (2)

I start out with UD primer potion and with a fluffy brush apply Antidote from the Urban Decay Elements palette ( a dusty peach color ) on my brow bone, then I blended in Elemental ( a warm brown shade) on my crease . Afterwards I take Lioness (from the same Elements Palette ) blend into my crease and around outer corner of my eye . I then use a glitter glue in the middle of my lid and pat on Euphoric( from Lifes a Festival ) with a round brush. The tighter bristles seem to really help out with picking up Euphoric. Then I line my eyes and top off with some mascara . I know this look is probably a bit more aesthetically fall , but I wanted to show off the colors . And to really brighten the look a bit I mix Bite Beauty’s matte crayon in Glace’ with Maybelline’s Color Sensational Violet Vixen.

Next time I think I’ll try pairing Lioness with maybe a bright blue and see how that works . I still need to swatch the rest of Elements too but I haven’t been wearing it as much this summer unless its paired with some brighter colors.



6 thoughts on “Euphoric Lioness Eyelook

    1. These two are my absolute favorite . I hope Urban Decay brings back Lioness as a single , since Elements is hard to find now . Same with Euphoric , Too Faced needs to bring this out in single form .

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