Things I’m Excited for

So this post is not reallg makeup or beauty related but more or less my other hobbies . Today Nintendo annouced the new Switch Light . And its adorable! My is on the nice turquoise colored Switch . Now my Fiancé and share his switch but theres a few two player games that I would love to play like the new Pokemon and sometimes he plays a game and I want to play my own game. So this New mini Switch would totally work out for us . It looks like the system will be released this September, So I imagine we’ll picking it up especially with the new Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out this Fall.


And now the other thing I’m excited for . Mr.Kitty and Pastel Ghost tickets! Yes!!! Its been years since I’ve seen a live show , and this will be my first Synthpop/electronica style show . I used to go to a few metal shows years ago , not really the big festivals . But the smaller venues, with the exception of The Art Laboe’s Super Valentines Love Jams show . I like a varied bit of music from deathmetal , r&b, dance and synthwave, and synthpop style music . So excited !! I haven’t listened to Mr. Kitty’s new album as much , just a few songs here and there but I was huge fan of his other albums.Life and Time were my favorites , but I also listened to Fragments quite a bit . Can’f wait for September to come .


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