Nile Mermaid look

I know on my last review of UD Electric palette I didn’t really get to show off the teal color Fringe . I don’t usually wear it with the other colors in that palette, but instead like to pair it with the Lifes a Festival palette by Too Faced . Today’s inspiration is kind of a blend of the mermaid look but also the colors you would see in Ancient Egyptian paintings. Its not really a tutorial but I will list the products I used .

IMG_1572 (2)
Fringe is a bit brighter in person , I’m still working with lighting to try and capture the color.
IMG_1537 (2).jpg
Trying not to make a weird face.

Foundation:Neutrogena Skin Clearing powder

Lips :Kaja Beauty MoodBalm in Twilight, with Too Faced  Melted Chihuahua on top.

Eyes: UD potion eye primer , along with Too Faced Glitter Glue in the middle of the lid . I started with Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette with Satin Sheets on my upper brow , Too Faced Life’s Festival Desert Vibes along the  crease , and then I pressed Fringe from UD Electric into the inner corner of my eye and also at the outer edges of my outer corner. I made sure not to fill in the middle , where I pressed the glitter glue . Afterwards I pressed Beamin’ into the middle of my eye with a round brush. The round or tapered brushes are better for picking up the shadows like Beamin’ that are a bit shimmery . Afterwards I wet a black Ulta brand eyeshadow to line my eyes , along with Too Faced Damn Girl! on my lashes .

I’ll still do a full review of the other palettes, but I want to do a few looks with colors that I mix and match . I honestly didn’t wear Fringe too often until I bought the Too Faced Life’s A Festival palette. I think Beamin'(the white gold) and Fun in the Sun(a more yellow gold) pair well with the teal matte of Fringe. I wear Earthbound in a similar way with those two golds. The gold that came in Elements wasn’t as shimmery or had that wow factor that Too Faced’s Festival palette does. But that’s another post for anothe time.


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