Throwback : Wet N Wild Fantasy Maker’s Blue Magic Lipstick

Last time I reviewed the Wet n Wild Satin Finish lipsticks I mentioned finding my old Fantasy Maker’s lipstick in a drawer . Well I decided I will review it as a throwback product. Now because the lipstick is pretty old , like at least 10 years . I will not be wearing it on my lips since it seems to have gone stale , but I will swatch it on my arm and post a picture from years ago when I wore it . This is more or less a nostalgia post and look back at a relic .

IMG_1440 (2)
I know this package is so beat up, probably survived a mosh pit !
IMG_1442 (2)
This poor lipstick has seen better days,its still a bit holographic on the bullet though.

I believe and call me out if I’m wrong but Fantasy Maker’s was originally released in 2008-2009ish . This was Wet N Wild’s seasonal Halloween collection which I believe they still release yearly. But the shade Blue Magic has been discontinued as far as I know. When I first started buying this shade it came with an eyeshadow duo that was part of the ice queen set . Later they would sell the full size lipsticks at Halloween, I belive I originally bought two , but one got lost at a metal concert .

IMG_1444 (2)

So the actual texture of the lipstick is quite similar to the Wet n Wild Satin Finish lipsticks ,but with a bit more shimmer. The color is a more of a blurple rather than a true blue.Slightly similar to Urban Decay’s UV-B lipstick but a bit darker . What’s nice is I did find a few old photos of me wearing this , although the camera I used to take these with were not the best. The picture on the top is probably the most acccurate ,where you can really see the color and shimmer.

I think this was taken with an iPhone , so probably the best quality picture I have.


This was taken probably when I first bought it.My little samsung camera was so bad.

Well it was kind of cool finding this lipstick,it really brought back memories . When I was younger and living in a smaller town , it was really hard to find unusual colors like blues, purples, black, and even orange. So I would stock up during halloween, or when I would visit Texas go to the ethnic beauty supply to find some new colors. Sometimes the colors were a bit hit or miss , but I still loved experimenting. Now with Urban Decay, Lime Crime, Fenty Beauty, and even drug store brands like Wet N Wild , Nyx, and Maybelline have quite a bit of unusual colors to try out. Plus theres more variety with finishes too.


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