Update on Iroiro Silver dye

So I thought I would update how well the Iroiro semi-permanent hair dye held up in my hair . Its been almost two weeks or more but I’ve already noticed that most of the grey color has faded . The nice part is its mostly silver and white .So it definitely helped tone out some of the blonde streaks I had in my hair . I usually  lightly shampoo in the shower , not everyday so as to keep my hair in good condition. But even with that the silver faded . I don’t mind the silvery white , but I was kind of hoping for a bit more of a silver grey .

Excuse the messy summer hair , I still have light pastel pink from months ago . It never left .
Side view , it actually looks more white in sunlight. 

The good part though is the dye is very moisturizing, and didn’t damage my hair . I may try some other colors in the Iroiro line to see how well they stay . I know silvers and greys can be tricky and do fade a bit faster than other fantasy colors like say purple or blue . If you do plan on using this color for sure have your hair lightest blonde or toned white hair . I think in a week or two I’ll go back to pastel Lilac which I will review as well .

Excuse the messy eye look , I was out in the summer heat for a few minutes and even primer couldn’t save me 😭 . Eyeshadows used are Urban Decay Electric pallette , Jilted , Urban , Chaos in my crease and brow , with Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons, Cashew Chew and Almond Truffle used as transistion shades . On my lid I have Freak from UD Electric Pallette and Thrash on the inner corner . Then I blended in Dusk Teal Dawn from Too Faced Life’s A Festival into Freak . I still need post up the Pallette flashback reviews . So stay tuned .


7 thoughts on “Update on Iroiro Silver dye

    1. I actually have a really nice silver wig that I found on amazon , I wore it because I wanted to add insane length . Theres some pretty cool ones online . Do you prefer human hair or synthetic?

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      1. Also I looked at the brand its Aisi synthetic and its the silver ombre wig , its $17 on Amazon . I think the front you can lind of style or try to blend in with other hair pieces you may have to make it look better 🙂

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