Tokidoki Squishy Unicorno Andromeda plush review


Hey everyone ! I thought today I would review my Tokidoki Squishy Unicorno plush. I’ve recently got back into Tokidoki ( Thanks Sonic drive Thru) and I really like the Plushes. Plus I’ve been wanting something like a squishmallow , yet not a squishmallow . And the sleeping Unicorno is just really cute. I actually took too many pictures for this quick review lol.

So it’s very huggable , at 13 inches long, the fabric is really soft. I would say that compared to a Squishmallow, it’s a little softer . I don’t have a squishmallow at my house but I was able to squish some of the store. I do wish that it was a bit bigger, so I could use it as a pillow. But other than that I love the embroidered stars ,plus a tokidoki heart and cross bones on the chest. Plus the nice midnight blue goes great with pastel yellow. Oh and the hooves and horn are like a glittery holographic yellow.


There are other colors for the squishy Unicorno and a few mermaid variants as well. maybe I’ll pick one of those up as well.

Here’s some of my other Unicorno plushes to show the size differences.

4834F8F6-BFA6-4D52-ADF6-4CA3CB113802I have a keychain blind bag , and one of the 7 inch Unicorno plushes.

 Plus a few weeks before the review I put my big plush in a bag with marshmallows and tied it up . Just so it would smell like a marshmallow. I’ve always wanted a scented plush but I didn’t really want to spray with a perfume . And it kind of worked . It’s now lightly marshmallow scented.


Well have a good week everyone ! Let me know if you collect any plushies, squishmallows, figurines or anything else.

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