sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Ultra Marine review

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Time for a rare nail polish review. Or maybe not so rare since I’ve managed to slowly replenish my nail color collection. and I absolutely adore blue aquamarine shades like this. It’s a bit green toned but perfect for spring/summer. Plus there’s a nice subtle gold shimmer. Or there was in the bottle. It didn’t really translate to my nails sadly.

51F8E909-888B-480F-AD0E-86DE244939BABut they are shiny ! Oh wait maybe you can see the bit of sparkle.


And here’s a pic with the bottle!

02ABD360-E08D-4B8E-AB76-285549ABABB8 I did like that this polish does dry a bit faster, and it didn’t really chip on the first day. I tend to be prone to chipping my nails as I’m always doing stuff with my hands like dish washing, playing with the dog, or even on my game controller. Also it has a very shiny finish and the formula wasn’t too runny (I’m so bad when it comes to having the polish stay on my nails and not my fingers). So pretty easy to apply. I do want to update this with exactly how many days this stays on my hands for . I didn’t add a clear coat so this is just the polish. And so far so good. Well let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite nail colors ?

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