FenTy Gloss Bomb CreaM:Double TakE Lip set Review

1B64822E-4631-4251-8FAB-9139AF950F0CAfter putting this in my cart and taking it out for months , I finally did and ordered this Glossy Bomb Cream Duo . This is the first time I have ever tried any of Fenty’s Glossy Bombs , even though I’ve tried many of the other Fenty lip products. Also a big plus for me was the bright bubblegum pink shade , which I knew I had to have . 
So these are both full sized Glossy Bombs :


Bubble Binge is the amazing bright bubblegum pink shade , while Cupcakin’ is a dusty muted pink . On my lips I noticed that’s similar to Too Faced Melted Chihuahua shade but with a bit more pink in it . Still a nice color to have and I will likely pair with some purple looks in the future.

C7B0CE29-B998-44EE-9B3A-DD1664F5CF21Bubble Binge


and now the swatches :

The texture of these glosses is very thick , and sticky . But I like it and noticed that the when the color is wiped it leaves a nice subtle stain. As for the scent , it’s like a strange bubble bath I had when I was teen . It was champagne scented I think , but these glosses remind me of that bubble bath mix . really strange but actually not very offensive at all. I do think Bubble Binge was my favorite out of the two , but I still liked Cupcakin’.


Here’s Bubble Binge , the flash from my camera did make it look more transparent , but it’s actually decently opaque from a distance . I do think if I wanted more coverage I would wear a lip liner underneath. Also if you layer too much gloss on your lips I noticed it can drip . But that’s like if you layer many coats . I wanted to see how the gloss built up and overdid it after these pictures . Which is when I noticed that’s a no go and you’ll have super drippy lips .


Now for Cupcakin’


This really did remind me of Too Faced’s Chihuahua mixed with my other bubble gum shade . So it’s nice to have a similar shade as it’s one I do use for certain looks .


I was pretty happy with this set , and I may try some other Fenty Glosses if I find any other colors I really like . I thought it was a nice sort of summer set , although I’ll wear year round as I think the colors work nice with my hair. Plus I think they pair well with Too Faced’s Pumpkin Spice Warm and Spicy palette . I do wish they would make a more purple gloss , as I do love the Gloss Bomb Cream formula . Well let me know in the comment’s section what you all think and if you’ve tried any of the other Fenty glosses ? What are some of your favorite colors ?

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