Colourpop BFF Liquid Liner in Try Me Review

Well I did it ! I finally tried something from Colourpop. I originally ordered this for a Valentine’s Day Look , and I needed a good liquid red liner . Plus I ordered the Red heart Stamp so I thought this would go well with the stamp. Sadly when everything got here though the package wasn’t sealed and a part of this box was little smushed. I did straighten it out a bit for the pictures though.

IMG_0465 The tube itself is pretty simple and lightweight. I did however have issues with formula . It’s very dry and a bit flaky. Plus drawing lines and using this over shadows can be bit hard. I feel like I have to drag it over my eyes rather than having it glide. It’s pretty bad to be honest. I originally got this for a Valentine’s look I had planned out for my Jaguar Love look but it didn’t work out well at all and I just changed my look to incorporate black spots instead. In fact the original Pink Jaguar eye look was so bad I didn’t want to take a picture of at all. The red liner was extremely hard to work with, too dry and the ink just made my spots look like blotches . So really gross .


It’s so terribly dry . And the color isn’t as bright of a red as I wanted . So for today’s look I wanted to try some e-girl style graphic liner. I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette as I wanted to try using some matte neutrals , so you could see the red and also so it may be easier to actually use the liner. Nope it’s still dry and gross. I gave up and decided to go ahead and use a bit of light shimmer on my lids too, to try and distract from the ickyness of red liner.


I even drew some lines on lower lid too. It’s been a goal of mine to practice more graphic liner looks. But I need better colored liners.

2617133d-b387-4547-8e37-3661aa6e215f (2)

And full face, it looks kind of better . but as I’m typing this , it looks like the liner is about to crack. Oh it’s just so terrible. Please don’t order this. It’s so awful .I miss my Stila colored liners already. At least there was no cracking, it may be worst than the Smashbox liner I tried a few months ago.

Also I did contact Colourpop about this as even though it was like $8, it was still really bad . and they took a month to get in contact, plus they’re customer service isn’t like the greatest. It may be a while before I order from that company again. I know they have a ton of fans, but I wasn’t too impressed with the products that I ordered. The heart stamp is cute but not quite as pigmented , and this liner was really bad lol.

Well let me know in the comments what you think. Are liquid colored liner’s just hard to formulate or have you found brands that you really like ? Also if I get enough bad products maybe I can do a face full of bad makeup XD



21 thoughts on “Colourpop BFF Liquid Liner in Try Me Review

    1. Yeah they weren’t the best tbh. I’ve had issues with other brands products , once Smashbox sent me an dry eyeliner and I contacted them about it . The responded the same week and sent me another .

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  1. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I’m a huge fan of Colourpop (practically addicted to their Super Shock Shadows) but I’ve never tried their eyeliner. I think they are the best with eye shadows. Their lipstick (especially the lippy stix) is also pretty good.

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      1. Yeah their regular eyeshadow palettes are pretty good, but the Super Shock Shadows are amazing. You can put them on with your fingers and in seconds have your eyes look ready to go. The Ultra Glitter ones are super sparkly.

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  2. I have sworn off colourpop except for the super shock eyeshadows which I do enjoy. It seems like their products go off too fast for me to feel like even the fairly small investment I am making is worth it. (Small compared to high end brands anyhow.) I have not purchased their liquid liners but bot the retractable pencil style and the pot gel eyeliners have dried out and crumbled so quickly. I also feel like this is reflected by all the youtube videos I’ve watched, that so often folks have to declutter colourpop items because they’ve gone off so fast. So-I think I’ve decided I have seen enough to know that if I do purchase from them, I can’t necessarily expect the product to last. And then I have to ask myself if it is actually worth it to me. I’ve got 3 supershock shadows that have held up well and I do enjoy using and that’s the only item from them I think I’ll add to my collection.

    On to your graphic liner look-it looks great despite the frustrations you are having with the product!

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    1. Thanks ! I want to try more graphic liner looks in the future . But I do want to invest in either some better liquid or nice gel liners that glide on . Not sure which brand will catch my eye liner wise .

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  3. Oh girl I got the same shade last year took almost a month to reach me (international shipping). I am brown skin (dark medium skin with yellow undertones), I thought this red is deep and will look good on me…but it’s hardly even clearly visible.. i don’t know what is wrong with the pigmentation

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  4. Hmmm I can’t say I’m surprised. I bought some colourpop lippies a few years back and they were sooooooooo incredibly dry. I haven’t gotten anything since. However, I do like that color! Thanks for an honest review 💗

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