R.W. Knudson Organic Beet Shot 12 pack Review

Yay another Vox Box !This came free from R.W Knudson and Influenster in exchange for my honest review . Also this was actually my second Vox Box after the BeautyBlender box . I just kept forgetting to post the review on my site . But if you follow my Instagram or Influenster account you can see how I rated it . But first lets see some pics when I first tried these out .


So before they sent these out to me , I did a little survey asking about which flavors I would like to try . My options were Pinapple Ginger Lemon Juice ( with some pepper) , Apple Cider Vinegar with black pepper, cayenne, and Turmeric, Carrot Black Pepper with turmeric,ginger and finally the lovely Beet Juice with lemon. I of course decided to go simple as I was worried all the spices and vinegar in the other shots would be too much for me . Plus turmeric which I like in curry may also be a bit much too . And I have fond memories of eating beets as a kid , and enjoy beets in the v8 juice form too .



And yes I totally drank all 12 of these . Not in one setting but over the month I received them. As for the taste well , they needed something extra . While not gross , they were a bit bland and needed an extra fruit . Supposedly you don’t have refrigerate these but they taste way better chilled . I know they market these as on the go, but you can obviously chill them or put them in a insulated lunch box . As for nutrition facts , they didn’t really print anything aside from how many calories these had . But I would’ve like to know what the benefits of the beets shots were . So I looked up a bit of information on beets . I tried to steer clear of woo-wooery or pseudoscience. But I did find out beets are a good source of potassium , some iron , magnesium and manganese , as well as zinc . There is some fiber but thats more or less from eating the beets whole . And some small studies said that it may lower blood pressure or help with cholesterol. But you may need to drink more than these little shots . Also be wary if you have a tendency for kidney stones as beets are high in oxalates which may cause kidney stones . So just some things to think about . Now for what I really thought of all these beet shots .

While not bad ,they still needed something , so I had a container of blackberries that I would squeeze into my shot or just eat a few berries and drink the shot with them . The do taste like beets which thinking about that is kind of a hard taste to explain . And the lemon added some tartness .


Blackberries actually complimented the lemon and beet notes nicely , but I’m sure you could add any other berries and it would taste much better . A few of the others in the Influenster group were adding the shots to smoothies .

And here’s the reason I gave these 2 stars on Influenster and really wouldn’t recommend them . The price . For a 12 pack like this , some websites are asking for $48 and for a 6 pack $20 singles at the grocery store about $2.99 . It’s pretty pricey for what these are . You can buy a different brand of pure beet juice for $3 in a bigger bottle . As well as fresh beets too which you can juice and mix with some other fruits.I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of health food companies charging extra for fruits and veggies that are pretty common as it creates a stigma that they you have to be wealthy to eat well . I understand the portability factor , but you can easily bring put your beet juice in a water bottle and definitely make your own if you have a juicer . So while the juice wasn’t bad , it’s not worth the actual price. Also the group I was in on Influenster , some of the spicier flavors and vinegar shots caught people off guard. Especially the Apple Cider Vinegar shots as many thought it was just apple cider not vinegar with added spices. So yeah very funny comments were left 😂 Oh and before I forget these have a very short shelf life , like a month and they’re expired. I was able to drink all shots in 12 days . I had a shot each day with some berries , but also something to keep in consideration.

Well let me know what you think and if you’ve ever tried this juice brand before . I think I may have tried a bigger bottle of simple carrot juice from R.W Knudson , but I usually just juice my own now . I do love vegetables and fruits , and I hope everyone else will try to eat more as well to stay healthy and happy ✨


6 thoughts on “R.W. Knudson Organic Beet Shot 12 pack Review

  1. WOw…they do look cute, but just a month’s expiry for that price tag seems a bit too much. I prefer eating my veggies and fruits and not wasting the fibre. But, this seems like a good alternative for those who don’t have much time and can afford it.

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    1. Yeah same here . I love veggies , and I try to snack on them whole most of the time. My thing now is mini bell peppers, they’re so sweet and crunchy . Plus my dog likes them too ✨. Also mangos are a big favorite of mine too .

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