Aveeno The Favorites Collection

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So it took me a while to try this set out , but I can finally write about ! This was a gift from my family and they know I like lotions and stuff . I mostly used shea and coconut oil based lotions , or just straight coconut oil .  But sometimes it’s nice to try a new type . 

IMG_6493 (2)I hope that’s a clear enough photo as I like listing ingredients when it comes to lotions for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. 

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And finally the set . I started with the Aveeno Positively Radiant skin scrub . I use like a pea size amount and gently wash my face , at first twice a day , but it was kind of drying . So now I only use it once a day with my other facial lotions and honey mask .  I do like how refreshing it is . Plus the fact the little scrub particles are small and not to overly scratchy.  But I would say twice a day is too much , even if you have oily skin . It may just be my face is more sensitive. Not sure if I would rebuy , but it wasn’t a bad product . 

Next up is the Daily Moisturizing Body Wash . Well this one I wasn’t as much of a fan . It dried out my skin 😓 This was definitely not a good daily body wash , at least not for me .


And finally the lotion . This one was also a miss . It didn’t make my skin softer , it actually kind of made it waxy feeling . Which was a little gross . Kind of like rubbing a block of bee’s wax on my skin . Again not really a fan . It was non-scented , for those who have issues with scented lotions , but I can’t say it was very good for moisturizing . I think I’ll stick with shea butter and coconut oil . 

So overall I wasn’t impressed with the lotion or body wash , even with my more oily-ish skin it dried it out . Which isn’t the best in winter , when you want to preserve and keep in that moisture . I stopped using both the body wash and the lotion as it was not benefiting my skin at all . As for the face scrub , I’m still using but once a day or once every other day . I do think there are better lotions and moisturizers on the market and probably better options for those with sensitive skin as well. Well that’s all for now , I do have a few other reviews to write . Have a good week everyone ☺️✨🌸




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