Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Sea Mist Review


A good friend of mine sent me a link to this vibrant blue lipstick . And well I had to have it for my collection. She’s know me so well ☺️. Also I decided to go with a theme for this review , as the new Cyberpunk 2077 game was just released not too long ago. I will have a review off the game too, in a different post .


So the tube itself is very simple and not really special at all. The plastic label I already peeled off before wearing and reviewing. The lip cream itself is matte and spreads easily, similar to Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipsticks in texture. It also dries fairly fast too. I did notice a blueberry or blue raspberry scent. It’s very candy like but not gross or overbearing. Now I will caution that it can get on your teeth and make them blue so , go slow with the doe foot wand. But aside from that I actually liked the wear of this lipstick. it doesn’t really smudge much or crack. But it is a bit drying , so definitely exfoliate the lips and use a non greasy balm before use. Plus the best way to remove this particular shade is with coconut oil or some other oil based makeup remover.

And finally on the lips with no flash:

100_0818 (2) It’s an intense sky blue ! I know it says it’s  sea mist , but on me it’s definitely more cyan sky blue . It’s so neon that I thought it best to wear it with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Although my outfit might be more rave aesthetic. Oh well.

Flash on 

IMG_6222 (2)

And I even got a cool pic with the flash that made it glow

100_0817 (2) Wowee! It’s radioactive!

100_0832 (2)Normal indoor lighting with no flash.  I even used this lipstick as liner too. I wanted to cyberpunk my eyes .

And a pic with some flash! It’s definitely a super bright lipstick , that’s for the brave and adventurous. And possibly for exploring a cyberpunk dystopia. I would recommend this for those who like to play with colors, cosplayers, ravers and anyone who just needs some cheering up this winter. I didn’t have an issue with using it on my eyes, but I would test it out the brow bone first before going all out to make sure you don’t have allergies. Otherwise this is great for neon liner looks. I may experiment with this shade more in the future. That is all for now , I’m going to start writing my Cyberpunk 2077 review 🙂 I have a deep love of sci-fi, neon , and futuristic themes , let me know in the comments what you’re favorite movie, book or music genres are.



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  1. This is gorgeous.. I love it. It’s so intense and vivid!! Beautiful.

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