Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Dryer Review

IMG_6184 (2)

So I did it , I ordered another dryer. This time I wanted to see how well this one stacks up against the Revlon dryer I ordered last time. This Conair dryer was on sale and on the surface it’s very similar.


This dryer has the same hot/warm, high/low settings. As well as the cool shot trigger. It also used Ionic technology to reduce the appearance of frizz. This particular model also comes with diffuser and a concentrator attachments. It has a two year warranty as where as the Revlon has a four year warranty.

IMG_6189 (2)The big difference between both models is the fact that this the Revlon model has ceramic coating where the Conair model is more plastic based.  The accessories are easier to pop on and off on the Conair dryer . Which is really nice, even though I like the Revlon dryer, the accessories are easier to put on and off on this dryer.

As for how they work, both are the same wattage, and have the same settings. The Revlon claims to use infrared technology, and it does light up. The Conair is ionized as well which is supposed to help reduce frizz.  I’ve used both of the dryers off and on and I still think I prefer the Revlon dryer as it feels a bit heavier duty, and has the better warranty. But there doesn’t seem to be any negatives to the Conair dryer. So I guess it’s all up to your personal preference. Both are pretty easy to fin on Amazon , Wal-Mart and Target. And this model is currently on sale due to the holiday season.  Also it wasn’t too bad for quickly drying my husky girl, since she’s a bit on the smaller side . So let me know what you think in the comments.



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