BH Cosmetics Fairy Lights Palette Review

IMG_5439 (2)So this is my second BH Cosmetics palette. This one is actually now sold out and to be honest and  was the better of the two palettes. The color story may look a bit more generic but the shimmers, metallics and mattes perform a lot better than Opalescent did. I especially like the bright pinks, and dark blue colors. These were really fun to work with. Its also pretty easy to use as the colors are set up in rows that make sense. Well if you look at it from top to bottom. Let’s check out the colors.

IMG_5441 (2)

So Fairy Lights is a 20 pan palette and comes housed in a nice carboard case. the front has some chunky glitter but it stays on so don’t worry about getting glitter everywhere. I believe this was a holiday palette, but I think you can get some nice summer looks with the pink rows of colors as well as the second row of neutrals. The blues are definitely for those times you want some extra drama . I was really with Passionate and Divine.

IMG_5445 (2)

IMG_5453 (2)

IMG_5465 (2)


  • Brilliant is nice shimmery silver
  • Precious is a matte greyish taupe
  • Enchanting is a glittery blue toned silver
  • Muse is a matte dark cocoa color
  • Darling is nice sheer sand shimmer
  • Angelic is a matte eggshell white
  • Gleaming is a sparkly light coral pink color
  • Adorn is a matte medium pink color
  • Luminous is a golden white shimmer
  • Radiant is a matte light milkshake pink color
  • Mesmerizing is a bright hot metallic pink shade
  • Marvelous is a matte charcoal black
  • Glistening is a shimmery copper
  • Bliss is a warm meduim brown
  • Rare is a shimmery antique gold 
  • Enamored is a burgundy brown matte
  • Sultry is a shimmery bronze
  • Divine is a shimmery midnight blue
  • Twinkling Sparkly ocean blue
  • Passionate is a dark navy blue that actually blends out well. Yay!

And just a note some of the lighter neutral mattes are a bit powdery and somewhat chalky but they can still be worked with. I didn’t have as much of an issue with these as I did with Opalescent, in fact I use the neutrals in here with the shimmers in Opalescent.


For my first look I used all of row 2 with Darling used as highlighter on my brow bone. I also used Angelic on the brow too but covered it up with Darling, so its hard to see. Adorn was used all over my crease and blended out . I also use the shade Enamored in the V to add more contrast, and used another brush to apply Gleaming to the middle of my eye. I then used an eyeliner brush to apply Glistening to the bottom of my eye.

IMG_5410 (2)


For my second look I wanted to do a nice smokey eye, but it was hard to photograph some of the glitter. I used all of the first row ,  I used Brilliant, Enchanting, Precious, Muse and Angelic and maybe a bit of Passionate on the bottom of my eyelids.



I know a bit grainy on the bottom but you can see the shimmer and the tiny pink flecks. Also Enchanting is a more blueish grey on my lids, but still a very pretty color.

100_0440 (2)

And now for my final look (at least for the review) I was going for a bubblegum or milkshake look as my hair is super pink since I redyed it.  I will use the other shades in the palette probably for other eyeliner and mascara reviews . So keep in eye out for those, but for the purpose of this review I wanted to finish with this look.


IMG_6204 (2)

IMG_6221 (2)

I used Radiant in my crease, Marvelous in my V , Angelic and Darling on my brow bone, Mesmerizing in the middle of my eye and Luminous in my inner corner. This was probably by far my favorite look. I tried to take two pictures to capture the shimmer and sparkle.

IMG_6209 (2)

Well I think Fairy Lights performs well , even if a few matte shades are chalky, they are way easier to work with than the Opalescent palette. It definitely has some winter glam vibes, and that’s probably why I took so long to review it , as I was doing various bright looks last summer for most of my blog. But I did use a few shades from the palette for some of my Halloween eye looks, mostly the matte black and shimmer shades for my brows. But I do like this palette and think it would be great for beginners who want to do glam looks. The way the palette is organized is very easy to do eye looks, even though you can definitely mix and match too.  I’m not sure if you can still find the palette online, as I bought it during the BH Cosmetics sale this summer, and this was a holiday release from a previous year. But if you can find it , definitely try it out. I’m not sure if I want to try out more BH products as Opalescent was a major letdown and a bit newer than this palette. I’m not a huge fan of companies that are inconsistent with formulas.  Well that is all for now , let me know what you think of BH Cosmetics and the Fairy Lights palette. Happy Holidays !



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