Spooky Palette Wishlist

Well its that time of season again ! Spooktober 🎃! Yay ! Its a bit different this year with all the covid and lack of get togethers . But at least we can still eat candy , watch horror movies and put on some Halloween makeup . I’ve been checking out Trendmood and a few other indie spotlight sites and these are some of the palettes I added to my ever growing wishlist.

First om the list is the ShroudxBeautybean collab, It’s Freakin Bats 🦇! I really like the color story as its a nice goth mix of purples and greens , along a nice bright charteuse metallic. Currently this palette is sold out but there should be a preorder for the restock , if this is something you would like. I still haven’t tried out Shroud , but I do have my eye on this and the Creepy Cute palette.

All the shade names are after Cradle of Filth songs.

My next pick is by an UK indie brand I’ve never heard of before. But it got my attention as its a collab with one of my favorite metal band’s Cradle of Filth. I honestly never thought I would see a collab like this but its actually a very nice palette . A but more colorful than what I would expect from Cradle Of Filth but I think it works .You can do some colorful gothic looks . Also the palette is totally vegan for those interested in supporting a vegan makeup brand .

I maybe the only one on the planet who hasn’t tried Colourpop.

I actually a have good friend who just bought this palette and the colors do look very fall . Maybe not super spooky Halloween , but a nice fall glam look . Plus Hocus Pocus has always been a good Halloween movie staple for me . I do like scarier movies but this movie has so much charm 🎃I love it . I may not actually get this as I don’t think I would use all the colors but I think I couldn’t make a Halloween themed makeup list without the Colourpop Hocus Pocus collection.

And more indie stuff . This next one is from Rebel Rouge Labs . I just saw this one on IG not too long go and I like the two orange shades , the bright slime lime color and Ghosted looks godly . Plus Howlin’ for You seems like an orginal name 🐺

So I’m including this not based on colorstory but based on the theme. A palette dedicated to urban legends and monsters . Plus cover has my favorite monster , Nessie 🦕 . As a kid I loved the thought of the Loch Ness Monster . I’m pretty sure she is just a legend though , but I love the idea . And I ike the theme of this palette with UFO’s , Nessie , Chupacabras ect. Its all very X-Files , which I love watching on Halloween . I still have yet to try Black Moon Cosmetics but this palette does look really pretty.

I know this palette is from last year , but I thought I would include it as its a good elegant Harvest theme . And another of my friend’s has this and she does some great fall looks with this palette . I love the fall yellows , orange, and the black shades . Plus it’s definitely Harvest season so why not have a nice harvest palette 🎃 🌙. Well thats it for now . I’m adding quite a bit to my huge wishlist . Let me know in the comments what you like about Halloween , and if you like doing makeup themes for the holidays 🎃🎃🎃



7 thoughts on “Spooky Palette Wishlist

  1. I am DEEPLY interested in the black moon one! I love the color story and the shimmer paired with a similar toned matte in vertical columns. It’s delicious!

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  2. all of these palettes are amazing, i may end up broke this month because I never heard of most of these brands, and I think i may need to purchase some stuff. Oh and Hocus Pocus is def a Halloween charm, i dont care how many years its been out lol

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    1. Yeah there’s alot of cool stuff being releasd by indie companies recently . It can be hard to keep up with it all . Have you seen the Juvia’s Plave Royal Nubian collection ? They have a purple palette that looks divine ✨💕
      And yeah Hocus Pocus will always be a classic , I tend to watch scarier movies but I love that one 💕🎃

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