OPI Nail Laquer in Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal review


So I thought I would try out a new nail polish . This particular shade is from OPI’s Mexico City collection . Its a super sunny gold champagne color , and has a bit if a shift to it . Its super bright and shimmery . Although it does need two coats and in certain light can be kind if streaky . But thats okay , as its a color I don’t have in my collection . 


I really like this color as it reminds me of Fun in the Sun in the Too Faced Life’s A Festival eyeshadow. I may do a look with this color to match my nails ☺️✨ . I was really happy with how this color turned out and may grab a few more shades from the OPI Mexico City Collection . Let me know in the comments what nail colors and finishes you like.



9 thoughts on “OPI Nail Laquer in Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal review

  1. Wow😲marvellous color is the super sunny gold champagne, I’m sure that without your lenses, fantastic and sensual hands it wouldn’t be the same! Congratulations … waiting to see something equally sexy & beautiful for toenails. Greetings from Rome🤟😉(stay metal👊😜😜🤘)

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