Burt’s Bee’s Vanilla Bean 2 Pack Moisturizing Lip Balm

IMG_5525 (2)I decided to try out Burt’s Bee’s again, this time with vanilla bean. I like mixing up my flavors a bit, so I’m taking a break from fruity flavors. This is a two pack and I will include the back picture as well so you can check out the ingredients list.

IMG_5529 (2)

It’s made from quite a bit of different oils and butters, I’m wondering if the canola oil is the one that makes extra slippery as many of the ingredients are also in EOS spheres, but they’re less slippery feeling.

IMG_5536 (2)

Overall this balm is very oily and smooth, a bit more so than my previous EOS spheres. The smell is really nice and reminds me of vanilla cupcakes, or frosting. It did take me a while to get used to the extreme oiliness of the balm, but I don’t mind it. I will say it’s a bit too slippery when it comes to wearing a lip color over the balm, unlike most EOS sphere’s which usually are okay to wear under a lipstick. For that I will say I prefer the other lip balms. Other than that this lip balm did keep my lips moisturized and soft . And I liked the cupcake smell too. I’ll probably alternate between these and some of my other lip balms especially when I’m wearing lipsticks as these are not the friendliest to lip colors, but if you need a quick lip balm this is great to throw in your purse.



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