Too Faced Tutti Frutti Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze : Blue You Away Review

IMG_4325 (2)

Oh Noes! Another really long titled Too Faced lip product!! Seriously who names these things anyway? Why couldn’t it just be Juicy Fruits Lip Glaze ? So I used to buy from Too Faced quite a bit a few years ago, now its only if they have something interesting, slightly gimmicky or fits my aesthetic. Well to be honest I was going to order the Papaya Pop Eyeshadow palette , its all nice shimmers ,a few mattes, a duochrome and peachy/coral with a pop of plum. Plus it smells like papaya which I love! But it sold out as the $15 sale price was just too much for people. So I decided to try another Tutti Frutti item and that was this blue lip glaze.


IMG_4330 (2)
I’ll be honest I really like the packaging for this , its super shiny and in your face but cute.

IMG_4332 (2)

IMG_4335 (2)
It so fluffy!

So the tube itself has a good weight to it and is clear, so you can really see what color you’re getting. The lip glaze itself is very glossy and multifaceted. More of blue based Teal shade rather than a super blue color. And it spreads on fairly easy , without being too sheer. Its like a fancier version of the Nyx Candy Slick Gloss. The smell is alot like Juicy Fruit bubble gum honestly or some other sugary candy, its not bad though and I really like it. The fluffy paddle is pretty easy to use without making a mess on my lips.

IMG_4338 (2)
Its really pretty in the light or sunlight.
IMG_4306 (2)
Its really reflective!
IMG_4317 (2)
I went neutral on the eyes so my lips would stand out more.

Overall I was really happy with this lip gloss or glaze. It was definitely more pigmented than I expected and I might try some of the other colors in this line. The peach and purple shades might be next on my list. I think this was a really fun product and I think anyone looking for a shimmery blue based teal gloss will appreciate the uniqueness of the color. So far I think only Too Faced’s website has the blue color  but the Taupe and Bronze shades are available on Ulta’s website for $10. Let me know in comments section if you’ve ever tried any of the Juicy Fruits Lip Glazes before.





16 thoughts on “Too Faced Tutti Frutti Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze : Blue You Away Review

    1. I was too honestly ! I thought since its advertised as a gloss or glaze it would be more sheer , but I was pleasantly surprised. I want to try out the other colors now☺️


  1. I don’t use gloss or glazes personally, but I think this looks really cool on you! I have the Tutti Frutti Berry palette. It’s pretty good and I like how it smells like berries. All Two Faced stuff smells really good. I like the peach-scented palette and matte lipsticks!

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  2. I’ve never tried these lip glosses so fun to see a post on them. That blue looks so pigmented and opaque on your lips! Would love to see other shades too if you decide to get any more.

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