My Toreba plush finally arrived !

So over this whole quarantine , my fiancé’s little sister introduced me to Toreba . Toreba is a claw machine app from Japan , and its pretty fun . Or can be . I’m so bad at positioning the claw so I haven’t won anything in months . Like my only win was in March 31 and had not recieved my plushie until now ! Below you can see the video of my win ! I was pretty excited! I finally won a prize . But how do I get it shipped ? So I asked my little sis and she said to apply for free shipping 7 days  after winning the plush . You have 14 days total for the plush to be stored afterwards it expires and is taken out of your cart. I didn’t really want to pay for the shipping as I wasn’t sure if this app was totally legit , but I did have to add my card for them to ship it after the 7 days .

And then months past since March 31st. I honestly thought it was lost in shipping , or at worst never shipped out . The email said that Toreba had shipped it , but the tracking wasn’t the best . So I was like whatever , at least I didn’t pay for this . Until this afternoon , I saw a Toreba box . I was like really ? Opened it up and there was my Dragonair plushie !

What a happy Noodley boi!

My very own Dragonair plus , and its Pokemon and Banpresto branded ! So totally authentic too . Overall I was impressed with the quality of such a simple plush . Dragonair and Dratini are some of my favorites from the original Pokemon games. He’s a smaller plush , but still very cute .

After all that I still play the Toreba app on my phone , but I’m just not quite as skilled nor lucky . And yes I only use the single free play as I don’t think its super worth it to be spending money as it does take some skill . I’m sure people who are better at probably can pay for extra plays and win . But I’m not that good 😂 I do hope I can win some other cute things though like the little anime figures or the alpaca keychains . If you want to try it out , its on the Apple store and I believe the Android store too . Plus you’ll start off with 5 free plays .  But shipping may take forever 😂 Let me know in the comments if you guys ever won anything cool from Toreba .


11 thoughts on “My Toreba plush finally arrived !

    1. Yeah its fun but the machines themselves can be hard to learn . If you’re curious to check it out I would say go for it . Theres lot of cute pokemon , hello kitty and disney plush as well as anime figuars too . I’ll do another post whenever I win something else again .


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