Skin care alert ! There’s a Kiehl’s x Genshin Impact collab !


So I’ve heard of Kiehl’s skincare but never really gave them a second thought until now ! There’s a Genshin Impact collab ! Featuring the Sumeru forest ranger’s Tighnari and Collei in pretty cool modern explorer outfits and of course the Aranara!



These images are from Kiehl’s Chinese Weibo page . I want the Aranara plush , keychains and the adorable Tighnari ear’s spa headband ! I would buy that just by itself if it was available . Sadly this collection is only available in China , and if you want to order there’s also Genshin Global , but the price’s are pretty steep and the box set with the Aranara plush and headband are sold out . I might try looking through eBay to see if there’s any spare headbands that someone wants to part with . Very cute collection and with characters I wasn’t expecting.


But hey if you live in China or are visiting , you may want to check it out !


I think it’s only a matter of time before we get a Genshin Impact makeup collab. I’m just not sure if it will be available state side or which makeup companies are going to collab? Pat McGrath ? MAC? Colourpop? Maybe even Hip Dot ( I heard Funko Pop bought them out ) . Or one of the newer Chinese Beauty Brands like Flower Knows , Kaleidos or Girl Cult ? Let me know who you think would be a good match .

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