Eve Lom Moisture MAsk Review

BA94C1AB-1CE0-4027-93DA-CDC7A2AC38BFI know it’s been sometime since I’ve posted the Eve Lom Influenster box but I did want to write individual reviews for all three products . As always I was sent these products for free , in exchange for my honest review.

So this box for me was kind of a mix bag, as with the cleansing balm , there were things I liked about it and some things I didn’t. Mainly the heavy perfume of the Eve Lom products in general. The Moisture mask though is definitely more of a winner. It does have a light scent to it, of what I’m not exactly sure, but it’s not as strong as the cleansing balm nor the Time Retreat Radiance Essence (review coming soon). It’s a lot more subtle, Plus I like it’s cooling jelly like texture on my face. It does feel really hydrating on my face too.

Some of the main ingredients in here are Hyaluronate Acid,Irish Moss, red seaweed, black oats, and glycerine. It also does have Dimethicone too if you’re interested . Now as for how it feels on my face , it’s not bad it doesn’t really sink into my face and I’m aware that its on overnight, but I wake up with really smooth soft skin. It does also seem to plump up my skin too, but maybe not as much as the Laniege Water Bank Moisture mask or Water Sleeping mask. In fact I usually still layer the Laneige Water Sleeping mask over this for three nights of the week . I still like those two face products in particular .

Overall I think this was the best and most used item in the box , and thankfully the least scented among the Eve Lom products . I do like Laneige face products a bit more as I think their more hydrating and are a better price for what you get . I could probably buy both full size jars of Laneige Water Bank Moisture Mask and Water Sleeping mask for $67 rather than the $90 for a jar of Eve Lom Moisture Mask . So while I like the moisture mask , it’s not my favorite and I probably wouldn’t rebuy . But still let me know what you think and if you’ve ever tried any of Eve Lom’s other products and which ones you liked or disliked .

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