Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer


Hey everyone ! I wanted to spend some time testing out this product before I wrote a full review. So here it is . This product was gifted to me from Influenster and Anastasia Beverly Hills in exchange for my honest review. Now let’s get into the review 🙂

I was actually pretty hyped to try this as it’s a new concealer, and the pamphlet that came in my box said it could even be used as a foundation. The instructions inside said to use a silicone free primer , but I’ll get into that a little later. The shade I was sent was shade number 4, it’s described as light with pink undertones, but it wasn’t too pink for my skin. It was a shade lighter than I needed though and I primarily use it to brighten up my eyes ( I use the upside down triangle pattern and blend.) and on a few acne spots. It seems to blend well with my powder foundation and my BeautyBlender liquid foundation. I’ve had mixed results with Laura Mercier tinted foundation. So with the shade not matching me entirely, I did reach out to Influenster to see if I could get the shade up, but I never got a reply. So I did go into Sephora to get a more accurate look as I think both Sephora and ABH website’s swatches look different than the actual product. I would recommend to anyone interested in this concealer to check it out in store to find your perfect match.


First swatch of shade 4

and swatches of similar shades 4,5,6, and 7 from Sephora:

4D15F8EE-DFF6-415A-9896-D41FE2DA9FAA 5 was a better match on my face, an employee at Sephora gave me a clean sponge, and dab a bit on my face . 


Here’s one side unblended with 5

D70E0623-3CBA-4F2A-ABD0-A0EBB14498C6Here it’s blended in. I really like this shade and how it looks natural. I will probably eventually buy this after my BeautyBlender concealer runs out. I would use this all over my face.  I didn’t have a ton of time but the Magic Touch line does have deeper colors , but I’m not sure with all the undertones. I would still recommend color matching in person, or mixing and matching tones. Some of the shades like 7 and up I thought might match me and they were more warm in person. 

Now with the shades out of the way , let’s get into the wear, and feel. Magic Touch actually has a thick consistency, but that’s okay because a little goes a long way, and is easy to spread.  I used both a synthetic brush, and a beauty blender. For my under eye area, I use one of my eye brushes to blend and dab some setting powder, this keeps looking fresh. 

 Now for the primers I used. I’ved worn this for almost 2 to 3 weeks , and I have had great luck with ELF Jelly Pop Primer ( it’s super sticky) Milk Hydro would probably work well too as it’s a similar formula and consistency. But also surprisingly with Nyx Masrshmallow Primer too ( even though the instructions say not to use a silicone or oily based primer). It did give me a more dewy look , but thats okay as this combo was usually followed up with powder foundation. And my worst combo was probably the Laura Mercier Silicone free primer. It made the concealer peel away and my pictures for this review had to be redone as it looked horrid . I was like some type of molting lizard .  I have used the tinted moisturizer with and got okay results , but I had to use either ELF or Nyx primer with that combo. So remember friends , never mix Laura Mercier silicone free primer with your Magic Touch Concealer. You’ll have a bad time.


For this look I used the concealer under my eyes and on maybe two acne spots.  It has really good coverage  and can be blended well with the Beauty Blender Neutral Olive liquid foundation. I did use light setting powder on it but not too much as I wanted a more natural look. Or as natural as one can get with neon lime and pink hair . 

3D8FCBBE-F33C-4E9C-A449-9F584592876DOverall I really liked this concealer, it’s easy to use and spreads nicely, is thick enough to wear you can use less, covers blemishes and blends well with most makeup products. I do want the number 5 but I’ll try to use up some more of my face products as I like going through products before I get more. Now sometimes I break that rule and Influenster has been sending me a ton of mascara’s lately, so I do have multiples . Well let me know what you think and if you have tried the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch ( these companies with their long names!). Have a good week everyone!

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