Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in Lime Crime hair dYe review

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C8EDF62A-BCAA-4F2C-8540-E5194436E270So after a week of letting my hair recover from the horrible bleaching process, I decided it need more conditioning and some color. I have also decided to out a few more Lime Crime’s Unicorn hair dyes as well. I TheSour Candy pink wasn’t a bad dye , it just wasn’t as pigmented as I wanted . Plus I did want to try their Lime Crime neon green. I was honestly surprised that they had not released a neon green with the name Lime Crime at launch. Also I was super hoping it was like the website swatches and a good dupe of Arctic Fox’s Space Cowgirl. So let’s check it out. 

FDAFA242-38B0-4711-90C2-FBA53B85DE41If we are to believe the packaging , this looks like a nice rival shade to Space Cowgirl. And then I opened the box to reveal:

87D6C9AE-B070-49A7-9996-B47CC10C90FEHmm looks a bit darker than the pictures on the website and box. But honestly I had similar experiance with Sour Candy, the actual dye was brighter than the box so maybe.

DE677BB0-FC99-4EF4-82A2-DD49FDAF5284In the bowl it definitely has the Nickelodeon slime green vibes to it. Also for those new to Lime Crime dyes they have a wierd jelly pudding consistency and a very heavy perfume smell. I’m not the biggest fan of the smell, but I know some people will like it. It’s very decisive I think.

186E746D-B7AA-41CA-913B-0AE6217D2D1FSo here’s my base. I used a tiny bit of the green a few days ago before . It wasn’t on too long and faded gradually over a few washes . This was mainly to test it out, but it seemed to have faded to a cool moss shade. I’m curious as if this well be the case over my whole head as much of my yellow tones were bleached out. Like there are some inside of a banana yellow tones closer to my scalp. So first let’s show off the process time.

06079B46-F107-4F84-AAE1-4F31E0E01475Looks pretty good! very bright and limey.

Some pics to show off the sides of my head. I left this dye on my head for about 7 hours while I just did a few things around the house.

Also the Bubblegum Rose dye will have it’s own review later this week. I just like doing both colors at the same time.

Also I take a shower with my hair covered and when I go to rinse use cold water. Or as cold as I can take it.

And finally the big reveal next day!

81380BE5-CBDC-44FC-99E4-AF734F151C43That green is very bright! But I still wonder if I could get it a bit brighter with some neon yellow over it. This might be something I try out next time I redye my hair. I still have almost half the jar left so adding yellow sounds like it could work.

A19C3C3C-02BB-4077-88D9-11BB04DAFC6A Overall I do like the green but it’s not quite as bright as Space Cowgirl. It still needs some of the neon yellow tones for it to be truly vibrant. But it does look to be more of a true lime compared to Iroiro Neon Green. Also this dye will probably look best on either a platinum or pale yellow base . I think any darker and you might get some muddiness issues. Also this dye felt a bit more conditioning than the last Unicorn Hair dye shade that I recieved. I wonder if it defers dye to dye?

33141267-01A4-4D2D-A1C9-AAAEDBD88C16It looks way brighter here where the light is directly hitting my face and hair. Also my hair my brighten up once it fades a bit. So I’ll probably come back and update the review. Plus I want to see Lime Crime dye’s are UV reactive.

Update * To show off some how it fades.

81E78BC6-577E-4181-88A4-ACE721F75A23 It’s kind of a pastel lime, still lacks the brightness of Space Cowgirl or Iroiro Neon Green. I did refresh it with condtioner and a few drops of Iroiro Neon green recently. I still need to try adding some yellow , So I’ll probably do a post about that in the future.  I will say it fades rather nicely and doesn’t have any wierd changes . It’s just a lighter version of itself.

Well let me know what you think and what some of your favorite dyes and hair products are. Have a good week everyone!


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9 thoughts on “Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in Lime Crime hair dYe review

    1. Thanks ! I leave only veggie based dyes on for that long . Anything with developer will probably fry your hair lol . But yeah veggies dyes like most of the colorful ones are basically vegetable based conditioners . I’m not too sure about henna though , one of my friends uses henna and I think she only leaves it on for a few minutes .

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    1. I believe it ! Isn’t Directions similar to Punky ? I’ve never tried it before as it’s hard to find in the US, but Punky has a lot of the same shade names .


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