Eve lom TIme Retreat RAdiance EsseNce AntI-aginG face BRIGHTENING SerUm review


Finally the last item in the Eve Lom Vox box ! This time it’s the radiance essence serum , with a really long name . As always this item was sent to me for reviewing purposes in exchange for my honest review .


I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this serum . I’ll get into the why that is in a bit but first , the packaging for the product is very nice . It comes in a cardboard box and the bottle is white glass with gold trim . It looks really fancy , but sadly the serum inside has a very strong scent of various flowers, strong lavender , and bergamot . I don’t mind lavender or bergamot , as I love earl grey tea and lavender scents , but in my face , it’s a bit too much . Also this product contains xylitol, which a naturally made sugar alternative , but can be very poisonous to cat, dogs and horses . I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it around my dogs as they always seem to lick my face . I also made sure to wash my hands well after handling the serum as I really don’t like items with xylitol in my house .
Now for how the product worked . It was okay , the serum made my face feel overly greasy and didn’t really absorb into my skin that well , plus all the flower oils and bergamot made my face a little red . I didn’t really like wearing it overnight when I’m sleeping due to the gross feeling , strong scent , and paranoia about my dog licking my face in the morning . He does that sometimes to wake me up . The other times I used it were 15 minutes before a shower , and I would just basically steam my face and then rinse it off . I still didn’t like this product.

Overall I think this might work for you if you have really dry skin and don’t have to worry about pets . I did want to give this to an aunt , but her dogs always lick her so , I’ll probably find someone else to give this too . I definitely wouldn’t re-buy or recommend this product . I feel like the overly strong scent from Bergamot , Lavender and various other flower oils could possibly irritate sensitive skin , the xylitol is bad for pet owners , and it’s pretty oily for those with oily to combination skin . Definitely save your $95 and skip this product .

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13 thoughts on “Eve lom TIme Retreat RAdiance EsseNce AntI-aginG face BRIGHTENING SerUm review

    1. Bo problem, this is the first product that I have tried with xylitol , but I will be reading ingredients more carefully as I don’t like having the stuff in the house with my dogs .


  1. I don’t have good luck with serums either. I’ve found non-greasy ones, but they don’t last very long, probably cuz I’m getting closer to 40 BUT! I think they just don’t do what they promise no matter what or how expensive they are.

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    1. I read an interesting article on Allure that was stating that oils actually don’t hydrate that well , but are better for sealing in moisture , like after moisturizing . But the way they sell these products, they use the term hydrating oils , ect and so it’s a bit of a misnomer. I have yet to find a good oil that I like as most really just sit on my face which isn’t great for my oily skin lol


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