Iroiro Neon Green Hair Dye Review


It’s Monster High hair time ! I’m doing some green over my bleach blonde roots and over the blue stripe . I had to use my trusty One n Only Pastel Aqua over part of my pink to get it to the right shade. Of course I also shampoo’d a lot through the week on that side. My main thing is neutralizing the pink so the green doesn’t look weird as both colors can cancel each other out . This honestly might be my hardest dye job and color combo yet!

6A30FE9B-0664-40F4-922B-E682BFFCDC68I’ve always wanted Venus McFly hair ! Or at least the awesome neon pink and green color scheme . And to do these slime green locks I used Iroiro Neon Green . I ordered this from Amazon and it was a bit drier than my normal Iroiro Neon Pink .  But I was still able to get it to spread through my hair .

279FD13C-18C9-4603-AB61-603B26E73FC9It looks like green frosting ! And the smell as always from Iroiro is amazing ! I’m also interested in seeing how well this looks under black light. 
The Before :

Over all I really liked the color , especially over my more yellow blonde parts as that’s the lime color I was going for . I did try to leave some yellow blonde showing so it looks like a better blend , as blending the green and pink kind of just made a dark color . Sadly some of the streaks near my back are darker , and I have a mysterious wine colored streak too . It’s not really noticeable though . 

The Dye Process :


I still had some light pink showing . 


Honestly I’m considering the adding a UV reactive neon yellow too . But maybe after this fades. I want a really nice bright charteuse color . But as of writing this the green is still very strong!

The Results :



Super bright ! I’m a real life Plantera monster .


What’s even cooler is it’s also reversible! I can flip and style my hair to the other side to look more like a Monster High girl :

The Flip:



The Glow✨

And now for the fun part ! Black light time ! I was so excited that I found black light to test the UV reactivity of both the Neon Pink and Neon Green. I didn’t get to do that for my Neon pink review so this was a big surprise for me . Also I tried to see if any of my shadows were UV reactive , but had no luck with them showing up on my eyes . Fenty Poutsicles in Motorboat did kind of show up on my lips though. 

Also these pictures were not photoshopped , my hair was really this bright ! 
This is my Cyberpunk hacker look ! 


So far my color has held up really well , I wear a shower cap and separate my green strands from the pink . this helps prevent the colors from mixing too much when I rinse my hair . I do mostly condition my hair , and only shampoo (carefully) in cold water about 2 times a week. This has really helped keep my colors vibrant . I would definitely recommend to those who want bright neon green hair ! Also it looks amazing under the black light ! that in itself makes it high on my list of dyes to tryout , plus the coconut oil really does help out bleached hair . Let me know in the comments what you all think💚💖.

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