Look inspired by iluvsarahii’s Sweet Oasis 🌴

Hey everyone ! I’ve been looking through Morphe’s website and noticed the beautiful Sweet Oasis palette. It’s such a alluring color story. I have not ordered it yet as I still want to play around with some of my newest additions and wanted to see if I could dupe a look based on the promo pictures .


This amazing look is done by iluvsarahii (Karen Sahari Gonzalez). Honestly I had a few other things to do today , but I should’ve worn my fishnet top .Oh well maybe for a later look. For this whole eye look I used both the Juvia’s Place Magic Mini Palette (It came last week) and The Glamlite Donut palette . I’ll go ahead and give shade details .

  • Nyx  white shadow base
  • Glamlite Glam Donut , shades used were Frosty(matte pastel turquoise), Eye-cing (matte pastel sky blue), Jelly (matte bright pink) and Strawberry (pink shimmer). Both pink shades were blended into the Juvia’s Place shades . And the blues were used in my crease.
  • Juvia’s Place Magic Mini Palette ; Yejide( dark matte midnight blue), Ife( dark matte violet purple) both of these were in my V and crease, and I did my best to blend into the pink shades . Afterwards I used Zuba( pink shimmer) and Osun( peach shimmer with white gold) on my lid, and finally Kesi ( white sand matte) and Yemoja on my brow and inner corner.

  • Nyx Epic Liner
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara
  • E.L.F Jelly Pop primer 
  • Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation and Setting powder
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Paarty
  • Nyx  ButterGloss in Marshmallow



I thought I would post some pics before I lined my eyes to show off the blend . Yejide was kind of hard blue to work with . I was quite surprised as Juvia’s Place shadows tend blend a bit easier . But this shadow I had to keep adding a bit more color and then blending it out . So it was workable just a bit more temperamental than I’m used to .




3dfa3ada-0413-44b9-8c3a-90f592c8e347 (2)

Sorry for the awkward full face selfie, I was trying to get a good angle to show off all the colors. Also I tried to keep my face pretty simple aside from a bit of lipgloss and foundation. But so far this has been one of my favorite looks. I had fun blending the colors and was happy to know that I could recreate Iluvsarahii’s look for the most part.

a8a5abe7-81bb-4cce-bcd8-ec8b19be55a8 (2)

I will definitely be playing around more with the Magic Mini, and trying out more bold looks. There is one more of iluvsarahii’s Sweet Oasis look that I may try later in the future. So let me know what you think and if you ever tried to recreate makeup promo looks before ? and if so which ones?



13 thoughts on “Look inspired by iluvsarahii’s Sweet Oasis 🌴

  1. This look amazing. I have the glamlite paint palette and I just got the ice cream one which has a range of pastels in it. This look has inspired me to play with some eyeshadow.

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    1. Oooh lucky! I super wanted the Ice cream palette . It was sold out when I ordered the donut. Also one of my friend’s has the paint palette too . I can’t wait to see your looks💕And thanks 😊✨

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