Glamlite Glam Donut Palette Review

IMG_6507 (2)I finally did it! I tried out Glamlite, after seeing some of my other blogger friends try out this brand . I thought it would be a good time to try this out! And I was happy that I did as the packaging is so cute! It came housed in a box , but it’s still not too hard to store away.

IMG_6508 (2)

IMG_6547 (2)

IMG_6551 (2)And yes this donut is a little squishy, mostly in the middle, but it seems to help keep the shadows protected. As well as look cute.

IMG_6552 (2)I love the sprinkles on the packaging, It really helps the shadows stand out.

IMG_6557 (2)Plus it’s shaped like a compact too with the mirror. It’s kind of like the Urban Decay Element’s palette but smaller.

IMG_6559 (2)And finally a nice flash picture to show off the shimmer shades, Maple, Eye-cing, Grape, Strawberry and the highlighter Glazed are all very multidimensional and have an almost holographic look to them.

IMG_6560 (2)

100_0866 (2)

Here’s some of the color combinations I tried out :

Pastel Galaxy 🌌

128_0876 (2)


So I played around with colors after I opened the palette, but the first look was a little rough, I may post just the eye look on Intsagram, but this one came out way better. I decided to do a look similar to one I found on Youtube. I added more of Glazed( the highlighter ) on my brow, crease and even on my cheeks. I love how it has a bit of gold sheen to it, that pairs very nicely with Frosty(the light turquoise). For the middle I used Strawberry( the nice metallic pink ) and Grape, for kind of a galaxy halo look.  Also for my brow I used the shade Pecan Praline from Chocolate Bon Bons, and topped that with Glazed.

IMG_6585 (2)

128_0894 (2) I forgot I used a bit of Glazed on my nose too. I tried to go light with the highlighter, but maybe in the next look I’ll try to be a bit more crazy with it. I do know that sometimes I can be heavy handed with product. Also I used a fan brush to apply Glazed on my face, nose and brows , and with a tiny brush for my inner corner; where I just kind of packed on.

Now on to the next look.

Mismatched Night Sky look ✨



101_0936 (2)

101_0922 (2)

I took inspiration from Instagram trends , and did sort of mismatched eyes using the shades Eye-cing (bright blue matte ),Grape (purple metallic) and So Sweet(purple matte) on one eye . Along with Pride from Juvia’s Place for my neutral brow . And my other eye I used So Sweet , Sprinkles( the metallic cyan blue) and Eye-cing. I also used Glazed in the corner of my eyes to brighten them up more . And for the rest of my face I used Melody blush(Sugarpill) and the Glamlight Concha highlighter on my nose and cheeks. I used both my phone camera and one of my other camera’s to show off how different the colors look depending on the lighting. This was one of my favorite looks with this palette as it was pretty easy and really showed off Sprinkles and Grape.

101_0900 (2)

Desert Turquoise look 🌵

And my next look I decided to use Frosty, Chocolate and Glazed. This was a very nice shimmery look , but for some reason hard to get a nice full face picture. Oh well the upclose eye pics came out well.The Chocolate shade pulled a more reddish brown on me , but it’s still a very nice rich color and can be buffed out for a more sheer look . But I decided I wanted to go more bold .

IMG_0058 (2)

IMG_0080 (3)

IMG_0083 (2)

And a special bonus look !

The Cocoa and Maple 🍫🍁from a few days ago .

I wasn’t going to include it as I used Cocoa Drizzle and Whipped Cream from the Pumpkin Spice palette , but I really liked how it made Jelly (bright pink matte ) and Maple stand out . Maple is especially one of my favorite shades from this palette. Also I used Glazed again , it’s a great inner corner shimmer .

IMG_0025 (2)

IMG_0014 (2)

 So after trying out all these shades and playing with them , I can say this is an amazing palette ! It’s fun , bright and extra sparkly without pressed on glitters. I love the wet look of the shimmer shades and the mattes are very easy to work with . The light blue shade Eye-cing can be a bit chalkier but it’s still workable and very pretty .  I think this palette’s shadows feel amazing , slighlty buttery , and not too powdery . Plus the pigmentation is very good , like Juvia’s Place good ! I may have to try out the Ice Cream Truck palette later in the future . Let me know in the comment’s section of what you think of Glamlite’s products , and if you have any cool Glamlite palettes that you like or would recommend ☺️✨



10 thoughts on “Glamlite Glam Donut Palette Review

    1. It’s an awesome palette that really surprised me with how pigmented and how nice the shimmers are . I’m currently wearing it today as well . I was doing a practice look but I want to try to perfect it before I post. And thanks so much for reading☺️💕✨

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  1. How vibrant and pigmented are those shades! I am drooling over this palette ❤ haha. Totally need to scoop this one up. Their packaging is the freaking cutest too omg!

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    1. It’s still one of my favorite new palettes. I’ll probably be doing( or trying) a low buy on shadows , since I’m really set up with colors and finishes. And thanks ❤ I really love the shimmers in this palette.


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