My Twitch Experience 👾 🎮

So as you guys know I’ve been trying to set up my Twitch account . Most of what I was doing was setting up soemthing called stream labs , testing out web cam angles and making my own backgrounds , frames ect.

But yesterday in the evening , I decided to take the plung and stream online. I first started with doing my makeup , and doing a brief makeup stream. I used Wahala but because I only had one viewer , I decided not to in depth swatches . I did a nice coral, pink, purple and blue look . Finished up my face and added some mascara . But because I wanted to stay online I switched up my makeup frame to my gaming frame . I wasn’t sure what I wanted to play at first but decided on a game I’ve never played before . It was a pixel art , top down kind game called Hotline Miami . Its pretty violet , but the soundtrack is 80’s inspired synthwave. Plus I’ve always wanted to play it .

4D503326-870C-4700-A77C-360844A06C3FAnd starting a new game live , I was a bit nervous , plus I died alot in game 😂. I did learn the mechanics of the game and found out the game was a bit more than just shoot stuff . There was a bit of strategy too . I obviously liked the soundtrack as I love Synthwave and alot of the artists I listen to are on the game’s soundtrack . I finally got into the groove of the game and somehow managed to play it for 3 hours ! I was determined to beat at least the third chapter . 

So after all the slight awkwardness , it was actually all pretty fun ! And I can’t wait to do it again . I’ll try to stream earlier in the day this week.  I want to do at least one live makeup look , and then some gaming . I’ll try out different games as well . So if you want to catch me while I’m streaming my Twitch profile is H

I’ll try to stream earlier and post my linj up when I’m going live . Hope you all are having a good week 🙂


I thought I would post my look up too ! I used all Wahala colors , Busy Body , Unsilenced, Be You! ,Unafraid ,Envy , Pride and Power . If I can retrieve the video I’ll post it up on my blog . 


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