Some thoughts🖤🖤🖤

So I feel with all of the protests and in light of the current events I’ll be holding off on posting reviews for a while . The events with George Floyd , Breonna Taylor and countless others who lost thier lives is really weighing on us as a country and even the world . I have friends and family allover even in Mexico . I’m a Mexican American myself and grew up in a slighlty racist area a long time ago. Racism really gets to me in a way that hurts. And the fact that friends and family online and offline are going through this saddens me . I really hoped things would get better as we are so technologically advanced that we would somehow evolve to better and abandon all of the old bigotry, racism and hate . But I’m afraid the country as whole needs to work to be bettee . I’ll be stay off of social media (wordpress, Instagram and Facebook ) for solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement . I have not been to any protests as I’m a small woman and I’ve seen the videos of people getting beat by police . It makes me sick honestly and instead have been trying to educate my family in Mexico and other countries about what is going on . Please stay safe everyone , and even if it seems hard stay strong 💪.


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